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Fans shell out $28.50 to attend Super Bowl Media Day

Say this about the NFL: they’re a brilliant business. The league’s lucrative model was put on display Tuesday — a.k.a. ...

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Score tickets to the big game with #PrimesportSuperbowl

  Disclaimer: the following is sponsored content from PrimeSport. Are you a Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots fan? Want ...

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Terrell Owens lobbies for NFL job: ‘I am available’

Terrell Owens would like you to know he’s ready, willing and able to continue his NFL career. No, seriously. In ...

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Chargers guard concussed after slipping, falling in rain

Sunny San Diego was doused with an unusual liquid on Wednesday morning — rain, as it’s come to be known. ...

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Reggie Wayne arrives at Colts camp in race car (Video)

Reggie Wayne knows how to make an entrance. One year after arriving via helicopter, the Colts’ veteran receiver on Wednesday ...

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James Harrison does pushups with Antonio Brown on back (Video)

James Harrison may be on the downslope of his career, but he remains in tip-top physical shape. Taking to his ...

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LeSean McCoy: I’d take my toddler over Tim Tebow (Video)

LeSean McCoy is a big fan of his son, and no fan of Tim Tebow. On Saturday, TMZ caught up ...

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Jason Garrett, Tony Romo play ‘PIG’ at Duke (Video)

On Friday, Jason Garrett and Tony Romo stopped by Cameron Indoor Stadium, site of tonight’s college basketball rivalry game between ...

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