Steve Young: 49ers will ‘probably’ sign Peyton Manning

With the 49ers recently emerging as a mystery candidate in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, one former San Fran signal-caller, who, you know, was pretty good in his own right, gave his two cents on where #18 might end up.

His opinion … well, was not too surprising.

Appearing on SportsCenter, Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young revealed that coach Jim Harbaugh threw with Manning during their private work out at Duke University this week, one of many factors that will “probably” lead to the team signing the much-discussed free agent.

“Trent Baalke laid low, he did the research, Jim Harbaugh threw with Peyton Manning,” Young said. “They didn’t get in the front pages. They know that they are the best answer for Peyton Manning. They know they have the best defense in the league to offer. They know they have the offensive weapons. They know they have Jim Harbaugh. They know all the pieces in place for Peyton Manning. It is the best opportunity for Peyton Manning. They knew it, and they waited for the wannabes to exhaust themselves, and then they came in right at the end, and that’s why I think they’ll probably land him at this point.”

Young feels the 49ers are the most attractive option to Manning, given the fact they’re already in win-now mode.

“I know Peyton Manning is looking for a team to join now and win a division now and go to the Super Bowl now,” Young said. “That’s the San Francisco 49ers.”

For what it’s worth (which is probably not much), a fellow Hall of Famer also shares Young’s sentiments.

Bias aside, Young certainly does raise some fair points. Other than money, which is said to be a non-factor to Manning, the Niners hold every advantage over the other two contenders for his services — Denver and Tennessee — and are definitely closer to a championship.

Manning is reportedly set to work out for the Titans on Saturday, with a decision on his future possibly coming by Tuesday.

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Zack Kelberman
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  • veteran97

    That’s right Peyton in San Francisco. SF has the best offensive line that can protect him. I wish Oakland was in the lottery, but, I’m glad he’s considering a California team. Too bad LA did’nt have a team. Peyton + 49’ers = Super Bowl Opportunity.

  • Todd

    I hope he does go to the whiners so Darnell, Calais and Co. will have 2 chances which is one more than will be needed, to rip his arrogant head off his shoulders!

    • Linda

      oh, stop being a hater!!!! just cause ur team can’t win!!!!

      • tmac

        No girls in sports talk please

        • Noneya

          Shut your hole. Girls can’t talk sports all we want dumba$$

  • Brad

    The thing that stops Manning from becoming a 49er? Randy Moss. Peyton is a complete team player and he does not tolerate ego’s that detract from the team winning. We all know that Randy is all about him and has no regard for the concept of team. I was really surprised that Harbaugh would sign Moss, and I think by mid-season Randy will have played his last NFL game with no one to blame but himself.

  • david v.

    Y is everybody hating on my niners?? They have been outa the mix for the last 17 years or so….. giving the exception that they almost made the big one this past season…. only if we would of had a great QB behind the gun this past season the niners would of took the whole thing… that PEYTON Manning most likely will be a niner now all the bandwagoners and haters will come out…. please remember this, MANNING IS A GREAT QB and I have always been a MANNING FAN…. its like a dream come true if manning becomes a niner…. FOREVER SF FAITHFUL!!!

    • Chris

      “if we would of had a great QB behind the the gun this season the niners would of took the whole thing” Well I’m glad you didn’t watch the NFC championship game, because that had everything to do with having a great QB 😛

  • I think Young meant to say they 49ers would sign Smith. LOL.