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Jets gave Tim Tebow cursed jersey number?

From Nike suing Reebok over his licensing rights to Madonna (of all people) wanting to give him a tour around the Big Apple, Tim Tebow has seen his share of strange stories in recent days.

This next one, however, may just be the strangest … and you should probably have your rabbit’s foot handy when reading.

According to TMZ, Tebow’s #15 Jets jersey — the same number he wore in Denver — is apparently “cursed,” so says receiver Scotty McKnight, who last donned the afflicted apparel.

Sources close to McKnight tell the gossip site that he was “relieved” to hand the jersey over, and “pumped” to start anew with different digits.

What evidence does McKnight have to corroborate his theory? Well, his rookie year didn’t exactly go swimmingly as the Jets buried him on the depth chart and gave him  little to no playing time during the preseason. Then, before the regular season began, New York released him only to re-sign him to the practice squad, where he tore his ACL, forcing him to injured reserve.

Spooky, huh?

Though, McKnight’s luck isn’t all that bad. He was fortunate enough to have Mark Sanchez in his corner during last year’s draft. Sanchez, his childhood friend, convinced the Jets’ brass to spend a seventh-round selection on him, which is … unusual, to say the least. Plus, he’s dating Hayden Panettiere, who 99% of the male population would gladly strap on the jersey for, so let’s keep our sympathies for Scotty in check, shall we?

As for Tebow, he’s got that whole special aura thing going for him, and, considering the devotion to his faith, I don’t think would get bad luck even if he walked under 100 ladders and shattered countless mirrors. Even if McKnight’s suspicions are accurate, it’s nothing a bit of “Tebowing” can’t fix.

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