Shhh! Jets’ Wildcat offense shrouded in secrecy

As soon as the Jets acquired Tim Tebow, integrating him in coordinator Tony Sparano’s offense, everyone had the same thought — Wildcat. As in, the offensive package Sparano repopularized during his time with the Dolphins. The same (and only) formation in which Tebow truly thrives, as we all witnessed last year during the Broncos’ improbable playoff run.

With Tim in tow, the Jets, time and time again, have downplayed their plans, keeping their cards close to their vest. Opposing coaches don’t want to see it and Gang Green doesn’t want to run it — yet.

Though, despite their efforts, the league’s worst kept secret is starting to get out.

On Monday, the Jets installed and debuted the much-hyped Wildcat during a closed practice, confirming what we all initially presumed in March. However, don’t expect to hear much about it — the team, it seems, is sworn to secrecy.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” running back Joe McKnight said, via the New York Daily News. “Wildcat? I don’t know nothing about the Wildcat.”

Yes, Rex Ryan, the coach who’s most recognized for his loudmouth bravado, has put a gag order on his squad. Neither quarterback — Mark Sanchez or Tebow — refuses to divulge … well, anything, just how Sparano wants it.

“You have to talk to Coach Sparano. There’s a lot going on,” Sanchez said. “It’s some pretty intense stuff.”

“Coach Sparano is someone that’s extremely creative, extremely passionate… he’s going to do whatever it takes to win,” said Tebow after practice. “It’s not the same old, same old with him. He’s continually talking about new things (and) looking at new things.”

“Obviously anything scheme-related, you want to keep that in house,” Tebow added. “At the same time, you got to go out there, execute it and run it. So you can’t be too secretive either.”

After practice, the Jets held a “bonus walk-through,” unbeknownst to the media, who had left the field.

Ryan remained coy to reporters.

So, five months after Tebow-mania hit the Big Apple, we know nothing that wasn’t already plainly obvious. It is unclear when the Wildcat will make its national unveiling; perhaps we’ll get a sample on Saturday, when the Giants and Jets meet in their annual preseason tilt. Perhaps they’re saving it for sometime during the regular season, employing the old element of surprise.

For now — and likely a little while longer — mum’s the word. The Jets are still keeping their hand a secret, hoping they have the ultimate ace in the hole.

(Photo: Rich Barnes — US Presswire)

Zack Kelberman
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