Donovan McNabb: Eagles only going to get worse

Between significant injuries to three key offensive players, a lame duck head coach who has one foot out the door and a hapless 3-8 record, the Eagles’ 2012 campaign is an unmitigated disaster.

And if you think it can’t possibly get any worse, well … Donovan McNabb says guess again.

The former Eagles quarterback told CSN Philadelphia’s “Daily News Live” that Sunday night’s game against the Cowboys will be a “nightmare” for Philly.

“I think this will be a nightmare game,” McNabb said. “And now, when you’re makeshifting different guys, there’s no chemistry, there’s no continuity, there’s an identity problem with this team, and I think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.”

Rookie signal-caller Nick Foles will make his second career start and is being thrust into a no-win situation.

Philadelpia’s offensive line is leaky at best, constantly allowing pressure and free rushers. On top of that, Foles won’t have many weapons at his disposal with running back LeSean McCoy still recovering from a concussion and receiver DeSean Jackson out for the season.

McNabb believes it’s a recipe for disaster.

“You’re playing against [Jay] Ratliff, you’re playing against DeMarcus Ware, you’re playing playing against [Anthony] Spencer,” McNabb said. “You’re playing against guys who are probably chomping at the bit at this particular point watching this offensive line.

“It’s really bad for Nick Foles because this being his first year, and his first couple games getting under his belt, he’s not really able to gain that confidence that he needs.”

While Foles is earning valuable game experience and seems likely to take over the reigns in 2013, he’s being put through a trial by fire. Sometimes – as we found out with David Carr – that can be an irreversibly bad move for potential franchise players.

Considering they still have tilts with the Buccaneers, Bengals, Redskins and Giants yet to come, there’s a legitimate chance the Eagles finish the season on a 12-game losing streak.

From “Dream Team” to bad dream, all in a year’s span.

(Photo: Nick Wass/Associated Press)

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