Anonymous Broncos players critique Tim Tebow

Roughly three weeks after several unidentified Jets players harshly criticized Tim Tebow, his former teammates in Denver took a similar course of action.

Under the veil of anonymity, of course.

“When Tim was here we saw the issues up close,” one Bronco told Mike Freeman of “The Jets didn’t, and now they are seeing the problems, too.”

“I feel really, really bad for Tim. He’s a good person, just not an NFL quarterback.”

On Sunday, the Broncos clinched the AFC West, allowing the team to cruise into the postseason. It’s a night-and-day transformation going from Peyton Manning to Tebow, a “gimmick player.”

“Of course we’re comparing this year to last year,” another Bronco said. “This year we won the division with four games left. That’s all Peyton Manning. If Tebow was here, we’d still be squeaking out wins, or losing games we shouldn’t be losing. The division would be coming down to the last game.

“I’ve been following Tim in New York and I feel horrible for him. Everyone here, I think, wants the best for him. He’s a good guy. But you can’t turn Tim into something he’s not, and he’s not really an NFL quarterback. He’s more of a gimmick player.”

Freeman says the biggest thing he took out of speaking to the players was the sense of appreciation they feel toward general manager John Elway, who did away with Tebow-mania and ushered in the talents of the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

“By bringing in Peyton, we can compete with any team in football,” one player explained, “Peyton is obviously that good.”

“I’m watching Tim and wishing him well but glad I’m here with Peyton.”

Looks like there won’t be many care packages coming out of the Mile High City. The Jets’ circus has officially turned Tebow into a punchline.

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Zack Kelberman
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  • Maladymac

    All Tebow ever does is practice hard and say the right things. More athletes should behave like him. Tim , Im glad you’re a JET. Keep your head up and your day will come.

    • JLJ

      And just what day will that be??? He is not an Nfl player at all, in name only!!!! Wake up!!!

  • s. cooper

    Im shocked at how many people cant comment with integrity and honesty. It is amazing how polarizing Tebow’s spirit is that people cant look at the facts. His college career, do you give him any credit for that?; How long has he been in the NFL? His win/loss as a starting QB; he is the first to arrive and the last to leave with the teams he has been with, a student, humbly acknowledging his need and desire to get better. I am shocked how far our country has come. Amazing and sad at the same time, wow! Are people that selfish and filled with anger ?

    • JLJ

      I am sure the sec guard spends more time than him at facility… so should he be playing??? Very good college career for sure!!! Not NFL materiall!!!!!

  • Billy

    I love Peyton. But he’s a hall of fame (and arguably the greatest) NFL quarterback ever to play the game. Through his first twelve games with the Bronco’s he’s 9 and 3. Tebow was 8 and 4 including round one with Pittsburg, one win difference. Peyton has years of experience and had the entire offseason to practice with offence and get his timing down. Tebow…thrown into the starting role mid-season. To criticize Tebow by comparing him to Peyton is rediculous at best (and hatred at worst). I don’t know that Tim can become a good NFL quarterback. I do know that he hasn’t been given the same opportunities that other QB’s are given at the beginning of their careers. Give him an offseason as the starter and then several games as the starter and then I’ll accept the judgment that he isn’t legitimate. Until then, I think the criticism is simply unfair.

    • blumartini

      Manning has to win a playoff game to match Tebows record. I dont think it will happen. He has has lost to all the teams in playoffs last year and beating mediocre teams.

  • I have been a Bronco fan since before the “Orange Crush” and always will be, having said that I have to say how disappointed I am in these “anonoymous Bronco” players. I was disappointed when the Bronco’s let Tebow go and even more angry at the way it was done. I’ve read more & more on how it was handled and don’t believe Denver acted porly. At the time I also thought it was much ado about nothing and the Bronco’s were wasting time by trying to get an aging Peyton Manning. As far as I was concerned he had no more gas left in his tank and the injuries would prevent him from being very effective but BOY WAS I WRONG! Now Denver has already sewn up the AFC West so why would any of these people come out and talk poorly about Tebow, it makes no sense. It is obvious by what they said that they have gread admiration for Tebow so why bother coming out and say these things, just Bush league. Just because a reporter asks you a question doesn’t mean you have to answer it! Nothing but respect for TT I am sure he will be just fine in doing whatever he ends up doing after football, as far as the Bronco’s…..I am still one of their biggest fans but just a little let down by a couple of “anonymous” players!

  • Mike

    Ok Tebow fans. Yes Tebow did get us to the playoffs, yes he did get us a playoff win. YES HE DID HAVE HELP. The Denver D kept the score LOW enough so Tebow could manage some wins with the skills that he does have. Hey I think Tebow is a good guy and a tremendous athlete but I still don’t know if he will ever be a professional QB.

    Mon. Sept. 12 OAKLAND L, 23-20
    Sun. Sept. 18 CINCINNATI W, 24-22
    Sun. Sept. 25 at Tennessee L, 17-14
    Sun. Oct. 2 at Green Bay L, 49-23
    Sun. Oct. 9 SAN DIEGO L, 29-24
    Sun. Oct. 23 at Miami W, 18-15, OT
    Sun. Oct. 30 DETROIT L, 45-10
    Sun. Nov. 6 at Oakland W, 38-24
    Sun. Nov. 13 at Kansas City W, 17-10
    Thu. Nov. 17 N.Y. JETS W, 17-13
    Sun. Nov. 27 at San Diego W, 16-13, OT
    Sun. Dec. 4 at Minnesota W, 35-32
    Sun. Dec. 11 CHICAGO W, 13-10, OT
    Sun. Dec. 18 NEW ENGLAND L, 41-23
    Sat. Dec. 24 at Buffalo L, 40-14
    Sun. Jan. 1 KANSAS CITY L, 7-3

    Just saying that Tebow didn’t win too many games if he had to score more than 20…

  • Life long bronco fan

    One simple question- had the Jets started Tebow from day one after the trade, how would their record and/or competitiveness compare to where they are now? If you honestly believe they would be worse off with Tebow as their starter, then you must not have watched any football last season. Tebow is no Peyton, and Elway was 100% right to go after Manning, but to think that the the Jets are better off by sticking with Sanchez is not rational. Tebow is a natural born leader. Sanchez – will be lucky to start again. Rex Ryan made a horrible decision stickn with Sanchez , signing him to long term deal and compounded it by bringing in Tebow. Too much pressure on someone like Mark. But back to original question- we watched the experts explain away last season as a fluke, and point out Tebow’s flaws, but what they can’t explain are the intangibles … The guy is a winner, he’s a leader, role model, and he inspires fellow players and the fan base. Something the JETS are sorely lacking in all areas!

    • to knock tebow is just dump tebow after what he did for denver last year is wrong ..took us to the playoffs and surprised the steelers with a bomb to close out the game.. he is a good q back and just needs experience which he is not getting with the worthless JETS

      • glenn levesque

        great description of the jets

  • Jman73785

    Amazing that someone is astute enough to make statement ” Tebow is not Manning” neither are most of the leagues quarterbacks. Tarkington wasn”t Unitas either. But he won.
    Nothing wrong with going with a Hall of Fame quarterback. But fact is Tebow finds a way to win when given the chance. The record proves it. Like any other young quarterback he would continue to improve with experience. He has at least earned the right to try!

    • JLJ

      They gave him his chance!!!! He failed!!!!!!!!!!

      • Maladymac

        Winning a playoff game is failing? He will get a team more wins than some of the QBs that are starting this year. He is a winner. No matter how it happens, he wins more than he loses.

      • Silvestre

        Look at Romo how many chances did he had and so far he fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    I think these writers are making up FAKE STORIES…. EVEN IN THE LAW YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FACE YOUR ACCUSER… Saying an Organization or a player from an organization says something without saying who said it is really against the laws of “FREEDOM OF SPEACH”… Listen, supposedly Brady Quinn said something negative about Tebow and look at where he is at. Tebow is a “Different kind” of QB… He’s not Molded the way Manning or Elway is, but can he play QB??? DID ANY OF YOU TEBOW HATERS SEE TEBOW TAKE DOWN THE NUMBER ONE DEFENSE (PITTSBOURGH) IN THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR??? I’m sorry to tell you guys this, but I’ve been watching football for over 40 years – TEBOW IS A DAMN GOOD QB!!!! If I owned a professional football team, Tebow would be my first pick at QB. Manning is HALL OF FAME MATERIAL – and he has a Superbowl ring. If Tebow is given a chance, and a team sticks with him, You don’t think he’s win a Superbowl? Two, Three??? Come on you Tebow Haters, If you love Football, you should love Tebow, He’s EXCITING, HE’S ENTERTAINING…. ISN’T THAT WHAT FOOTBALL IS ALL ABOUT? ….GIVE THE GUY A CHANCE.

  • Football Fan!!!

    It sucks that everyone has something negative to say about Tim. and to think, Denver has anything to say. Before he stepped in last season, the season was lost. he made mistakes but he won. no1 else was winning in Denver and now he is just a “gimmick player”. There shouldnt be anything negative said because as a player he did his job for you all. I do understand that he is nowhere near Manning, but he is a Pro, and given the chance, he will win games.

  • Dar

    Look who got a playoff win for the Broncos. 😉