LaRon Landry used fake ID to play pee-wee football

You can tell just by looking at his stature that LaRon Landry is a dedicated individual. He puts as much time in the weight room as he does harnessing his immense talent, and it has made him an impact player in the NFL.

It turns out that passion began at a very early age.

Set to square off against his big brother, Dawan, this Sunday in Jacksonville, the Jets’ safety recounted stories from their childhood to reporters.

The most interesting anecdote, notes, was that LaRon wielded a fake ID when he was four-years-old to play linebacker in a pee-wee football league for children ages five to seven.

Doubt his word?

“I’ve got VHS tape, I can bring it in,” Landry said.

Although it wasn’t explained how he obtained the fake ID, Landry told the New York Daily News that it conjured up a pretty fierce nickname.

“They called me the hammer,” he said.

Many players have since wished they weren’t the nail.

(Photo credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE)

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  • This story is awesome. Most kids use fake id’s to buy a 6 pack to drink in the highschool parking lot. But a 4 year old using a fake id to play LB in PeeWee football? Doesn’t get much better than that.