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Doug Martin poses wearing Christmas onesie (Photo)

Doug Martin has taken a lot of grief for his not-so-endearing nickname — “Muscle Hamster,” which was given to him in college.

The Bucs’ first-year running back wears the name proudly.

And that isn’t all.

Wait for it …

Yes, what you see there is the NFL’s third-leading rusher and legitimate rookie of the year candidate, decked out in a Christmas-themed jumpsuit.

The kicker: he’s striking a tough guy pose.

There isn’t much else to say, other than Martin – and, while we’re at it, Chad Henne — needs to butch up on his fashion sense. I’m hardly a fashionista, but onesies should not, in any instance, be worn once you’re old enough to leave the crib.

Luckily, Martin is a supremely talented player and key cog of an upstart Tampa Bay team, which likely spares him from some ribbing.

“Some” being the key word.

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