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Kam Chancellor lays devastating hit on Vernon Davis (Video)

The Sunday Night Football contest between the 49ers and Seahawks was billed as a hard-hitting slugfest between two rivals.

Thus far, it’s lived up to expectations.

During the first half, Niners tight end Vernon Davis was the recipient of a bone-jarring hit, courtesy of Seattle safety Kam Chancellor.

Davis was going up to haul in a potential touchdown pass when Chancellor leveled him mid-air, causing the ball to come loose and, predictably, drawing a personal foul penalty.

In real time, it appeared to have been an illegal hit, with Chancellor aiming for the head area, always a no-no. But replay clearly showed that Chancellor made contact in Davis’ chest, a legal play.

In any case, the blow concussed Davis, whose helmet smacked the cold turf. He was quickly ruled out for the rest of the game.

As for Chancellor, he can probably expect a fine from Roger Goodell. There’s no wiggle room when it comes to a “defenseless receiver.”

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  • Barbosa

    A fine for what? Hitting him in the chest. Get a life. Roger Goodell is a joke.

  • dogstar34

    I was at the game. Kam Chancellor absolutely destroyed Vernon Davis. You could hear the hit in the stands, even over the ridiculously loud crowd noise.

  • winterhawker

    This is getting idiotic. I am all for the safety of the players. The NFL had gotten to be too irresponcible as far as the safety of players but if Chanc get a fine for this, I’m jumping off the band wagon. What are you suppose to do, wait for the reciever to come down with the ball and say” PLEASE SIR, do you mind if I tackle you and try jar the ball loose?”

  • jetjock13

    I think winterhawker said it all. Yes it was clearly a devistating hit, but several repeats in slow-motion showed clearly it was completely legal. If RG0 (our present comish) fines Kam, I certainly hope the Hawks pick up the tab.

  • DirtyDog

    I never saw his head hit the ground, the concussion clearly came from his brains smacking his skull from the freight train that just hit him.
    The penalty was for hitting a defenseless receiver, not for a dirty hit. The more you justify these plays, the more he will do them with each one pussifying football as we know it.

  • DirtyDog

    PS …. Put a fork in the 49ers, they are done. Best of luck Seahawks playing up in Green Bay, totally different ball game up there.

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