‘Devastated’ Devin Hester considering retirement

Devin Hester isn’t taking the Lovie Smith firing well.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears kick returner/wide receiver was “devastated” upon learning of his former coach’s pink slip, so much so that he’s considering retirement.

“I don’t even know if I want to play again, man,” Hester said. “You know, that’s been on my mind for two years now.

“It’s not (as much fun anymore). It ain’t. So, I have my workers’ comp papers in my pocket. See how I feel, go home and talk to my wife, my family. See where we go from there. I’ve got two beautiful kids, man, young. Two boys. A lot of stress has been on my mind lately.”

After Smith addressed the club for the final time on Monday, Hester cleaned out his locker and displayed a “visibly crushed” demeanor when discussing the Bears’ changing of the guard.

“We already knew what the news was,” Hester said. “Just hearing it from him. The media, the false fans, you all got what you all wanted. Majority of you all wanted him out. As players, we wanted him in. I guess the false fans outruled us. I thought he was a great coach, probably one of the best coaches I have ever been around. He brought me in.”

Hester’s emotions are understandable. Smith, wildly popular with the players, was the only NFL coach he’s ever known and probably possesses a certain loyalty to him. In this instance, Hester may simply be talking from his heart, not his brain.

While he tried to qualm speculation by affirming he’s a “Bear for life,” that may not necessarily be the case.

Hester turned in a dismal 2012 campaign, hauling in 23 catches for 242 yards and one touchdown. The rapidly declining 30-year-old is due a $10 million roster bonus this offseason, money he’s highly unlikely to see. Chicago might opt to just cut bait with Hester, provided he doesn’t hang up his cleats first.

(Photo: John Gress/Getty Images)

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Zack Kelberman
An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. He's also a freelance NFL writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of Helmet2Helmet. His work has appeared on media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, MSN.com, FanSided.com, and About.com. Zack can be reached on Twitter (@ZackKelberman) or via email (zpkelb@gmail.com).
  • canale48

    Well, he can always fall back on his college degree…. whatever that may be..

    • Thats a shame Chicago still got j buster Chicago fired Lovie urlacher getting old and soft and Hester can’t run at all

      • yes i agree time was coming for changes in chicago hated to see Lovie Leave but i bet Philly, Cleveland Tenn, lookin real hard he would fit in any one place Cleveland if they let him draft and run the trades holgrams got to go he should of been fires drafting a 31 year old rookie qb duh

        • Ravin’lunitic


  • Cornelius Soyo

    What is this guy 10 years old?? MAN UP!!!!

    • jdcote

      What the hell does “Man up” mean? Is it supposed to mean that he isn’t a man because he feels loyalty towards a man that has shown him professional respect? Do you even know what that means, “Professional respect”? It means that your boss may not say it, but by his actions, tells you, “I believe in you.” You are the best man that I have to get this job done, and I believe that you can do it.”
      In your job as the K Mart janitor, you may not have ever experienced “Professional Respect”. Anyone that has ever worked for Lovey knows what it means. Hester knows what it means and was telling everyone that he has the same respect for Lovey that he had for him.
      “Man up” Bull$&@t!!!
      Well said, Devin Hester.

      • football fan

        MAN UP: To not be a child, To get paid way to much money and be thankful. To get to go to a major D-1 school cause your fast for free and then leave early and not owe the school anything back. Devon Hester look in the mirror and “man up” or leave the NFL.

    • nayls

      Cornelius Soyo you an idiot. another false fan moron heard from. sit down and shut up!


    The Bears are in for a rude awakening. The Bears honestly shouldn’t of even won 10 games this year. I don’t care if they won all their games early and everyone expected them to go far.

    Bears will win 8 games next year, and miss the playoffs.

    It is not always the coaches fault, and this is a BIG TIME mistake.

    • Leon

      Again, missing the playoffs 5 out of the last 6 years should be OK in your eyes?

    • nayls

      it IS A BIG TIME MISTAKE! Should have kept Lovie. And all you clowns that think Jay Cutler should go.. that would doom us to maybe 4 wins. We need a line to protect Jay, When we get that, he will destroy defences

    • rob45man

      8 games try 4

  • Jim

    Yea Hester and all the other Bears that didn’t play 100% when they were on the field should go to Lovie and apologize. You all need to look in the mirror and manup to your play this season you can’t fire an entire team so the Head Coach is canned!!

  • bodog

    If it is not in your heart anymore, then walk away….but stress is relative…a bunch of folks have stress but few are paid what you are paid….but there are a whole lot more important things in life and I hope you enjoy your family!!!

  • naomi a harden

    Its just like church what did u come for? To give god glory, or to meet a man or a woman. In all u do have a purpose. Mr Hester i want u to stay a bear but for u to leave because the coach is gone. I fully understand the loyalty and thats a good . Not wishing any evil on Mr. Smith but what if he passed away? Would u die also? Stay a bear.

  • Pete

    Nobody is looking at the injuries we had. True the bears should have made the playoffs however,Lovie cant play for the players. Management should have let Smith ride his contract out they still have to pay him anyway! He’ll get a job in a few days he’s 1 hell of a coach to me! Go Lovie!

    • Leon

      Every team faces injuries, so that’s really a poor excuse not to fire a coach. Lovie has had a hand in drafting the last year years with the previous GM Angelo. The Bears drafts over the last decade have been horrible.

  • The

    Devin Hester should be relieved that Lovie is gone. The Bears have never used him right. He should want a new coach or new team because he has not been placed in the right situation in Chicago.
    Also, since the new kickoff rules, he has become an irrelevant player.
    Moral of the Story: Hester needs some new blood to help him become the player that he should be.

    Yojigga111@yahoo is how I roll

  • I think the offensive cordinator should have been the one to be fired. Some of his calls were just stupid.

    • Ralph Johnson (RalfLoren)

      Your statement is dead-on.!!!

  • Dan

    The Bears will learn, you don’t fire a coach who is 10-6.


      I would rather see Hester be canned instead of Lovie ! What have you done for Bears fans lately Hester ? We need a new owner and a REAL quarterback.

      • JBKING

        REAL quarterback. The bears have one of the best. What they need is a REAL offensive line. Their current line is not even major college level. Cutler takes more beatings than any quarterback in the NFL.

        • joel

          yes we do need a better o line theyve been drafting linemen for the last 5 years whoevers coaching the o line needs a new job and that falls back on the head coach for not addressing a glaringly obvious problem. we need another big receiving option wich could be a tight end but we seem to lack the ability to us e atight end in our system. could that be cutlers fault or the coaches? Cutler holds onto the ball for way too long a lot is that his fault or is it the receivers who cant get open? basically theres blame all the way around on the offense. So i guess its time for change

        • Craig

          ive been a bears fan since 85 when they won the super bowl and I always will be but all you people who hang on cutlers coat tails are idiots did you not whatch him have plenty of time to throw and see him miss receivers not to mention all the droped throws and the offensive line. The problem gos far beyond lovie one of the first to be cut should have been the lame ass QB they traded for didnt agree with it when they did it and cant wait for cuttler to get fired should have fired him instead of lovie.

          bears fan for ever

  • Jason Powell

    grow up Hester! if you’re unhappy with the firing of Lovie, ask to be traded,don’t say you’ll retire,I mean seriously do you think they’re gonna hire him back because you’re saying you’re gonna retire,ummm I don’t think so

  • One Concern Sister

    Are you Chicago fans kidding me? I guess when your team is winning you’re fine but when you get injuries you ride your coach and your team out and start saying fire the coach and the dumb owner listen. What happen to win or lose you’re there for your team. I’m a U fan and Cowboy Fan, we have had some great years and bad ones but I’m still a die heart fan of both of them. Win or lose, I was mad as hell when they fired our head coaches. In a situation as this the first person that should go is the cordinators offensive and or defense depend on what’s going on. All I can say is you all are some f***ed up fans in Chicago. Where are the ride or die fans I guess Chicago have none. I see what it is, it’s the winning ban wagon fan that’s F***ed up. Devin I understand your situation if it is no longer fun and you have no love for it, hang up your hat. But if you see that you can go on you have my prayers that everything work out for you and your family and your teammates. To Devin and all the other players that didn’t speak out and wanted to keep your head up. One concern sister, Yes I am a woman and know a hell of alot about football (sports)period.



    • Leon

      WTF are you talking about being die hard fan. So we die hard fans should accept mediocrity because the players like there coach? So you’re happy with your team missing the playoffs 5 out of the last 6 years? You’d be happy with a coach who has had 4 OC’s in his 9 years and has done no better then 23rd in the league? Oh that’s right, you didn’t know that Lovie has gone through 4 OCs and about 4 DCs and other assistants in his time here. So when does it become the head coaches fault?

    • joel c

      hey lady why are u so angry about changes should we just keep the same head coach forever. its stupid to be angry over changes there inevitable in business and sports. we,ve given lovie every benefit of the doubt its time for change so stop calling frustrated bears fans band wagon fans because cowboy fans aren’t any better. you guys have only won one playoff game in 17 years so i guess your used to no change

    • michael mills

      I beg to differ that Chicago lacks “die hard” fans. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Just because a few idiots make stupid statements on some board you automatically group a complete fan base into the same group. That is like saying all black people like chicken or all people from the south like grits. I happen to be a die hard Bears fan as well as die hard Cubs fan. I am 51 years old and believe me, I have been through alot with my beloved teams. There are millions of fans just like me. They bleed their teams colors. As far as hiring and firing coaches, well the management has a right to make personnel decisions. I personally thought Lovie Smith was a great coach but I still support my team and I’m sure there are alot of other people that agree. Bottom line is please stop and think before you make a stupid statement such as the one you made.
      Thank you and Go Bears!
      Michael Mills

      • Tank

        All black people do like chicken and so do all whites…..its delicious……where are all these people that don’t like fried chicken?

        • i2likefriedchicken

          yeah, other than veterinarians who doesn’t like fried chicken?

    • nayls

      I agree with you! I AM A RIDE OR DIE FAN! Been a bears fan all my life. All the KNOW IT ALL FALSE FANS THINK THEY CAN DO THINGS BETTER ha!!! WE NEED JAY CUTLER, AND WE SHOULD HAVE KEPT LOVIE. Most fans follow what ever the hate mongers in Chicago media tell them. Even when we win, the media rips em a new one.i.. am.. a bears fan!! Come hell or high water.. I BLEED NAVYBLUE&ORANGE.. 80% OF YOU CANT SAY THAT!!
      BEARDOWN!!! WOOF!!

      • Leon

        More like the sheep that will buy the crappy product the Bears have been putting on the field. You can consider yourself a real fan because you will cheer for mediocrity because they are the Bears. Fine, you must of been cheering for the Terry Shea offense, or the Ron Turner offense, or Mike Martz ball and the Mike Tice experiment.

  • tom clark

    Lovie will get another job at 10-6. Hester, just be traded to his team. At least you played look at Tebow…

  • dirtyo11

    Well I’m not a bears fan & I know some of yall are like well why are you on our page. I’m a fan of football & I like the hard nose style of football the bears D play. I’m a falcon fan & we will welcome Hester to ATL since our return man is here in Chytown.
    @ canale48 why do people like you always make a comment to athletics about their education???? Let me guess you got a degree, ok that’s cool so do I but why do most people in America go to school after they graduate from High School. I’ll wait on you excuse why most get a degree now I want the reason why most get a degree is to compete in the workforce. Now you guys always clowning athletics but deep down inside you know if you could of been an athletic and went pro without getting your degree 9 times out of 10 you would of…SO PLEASE DO ME AND THE REST OF US A FAVOR STOP BRINGING UP COLLEGE IN CONVERSATIONS ABOUT ATHLETICS…DEEP DOWN INSIDE YOU GUYS ARE REALLY HATING/JEALOUS.

    • Leon

      dirtyo11, Hester isn’t the same player that he was a few years ago. With the new rules in place, he hasn’t really been a factor. I don’t believe teams are that scared to kick to Hester like they were years ago. I think when he got paid big money, marked the end of his best years on the team. He is not a #1 WR but they were paying him close to 40 million for a 4/5 year deal IIRC. Management was not going to let him go but when you pay someone that kind of money, you’re not just going to let him be a KO/PR special teams player only.

    • Sheri

      Dear Mr dirtyo11, I have trouble following your issue with Mr. Hester on his aparent problem following the firing of Mr. Smith. I am not a fan of Chicago, I live near Philly. Enough said. College and advanced education of any kind is a GOOD investment, especially when you write on the internet for all the world to see. Have you actually taken the time to read what you wrote, not what you were thinking?? I am not hating/jealous of you or anyone else, I just wish I could feel your passion about the subject rather than spend time stumbling through your attempt at the English language. Lets hop off the bash the education issue and go back to football. I think Mr. Hester would be great at Philly also, so would Mr. Smith. The Reid, McNabb, Vick era was a real letdown as far as football is concerned. These men all had problems which cascaded over onto the football field and let down alot of deserving fans.

  • joe raines

    This is not all Lovies fault but as you know when you don’t produce your out! Hester shouldn’t be playing reciever special teams is his sucess. DeAngelo did not do more to make this team more competive down the road and his departure was over due last year. Again the Bears failed to bring an experienced backup QB in which for a second year cost the Bears some games. The Bears need an experienced OLM, another receiver, and a back QB that gives the Bears a chance.

  • budd

    I have followed the NFL for 62 years and have NEVER know of a “WINNING” Coach to be fired.MOST so called Fans no nothing about the game or any other sport and it shows through their discourse.”MANY” things figure in to losing, and winning as some of the posters have pointed out.I will point them out again and ADD a few more.Injuries.Lack of depth,ineffective coordinators,Lack luster GMS who will NOT scout for efficient players and back ups,no credible back up QB Some most posters are right on target.Lovie will be missed and he WILL have a job before the week is out.Cowher going to Chi town will be another mistake,Cowher loves MARTY BALL after his mentor.THAT is why he did NOT win more SB’S.He was a great regular season Coach but a dud in the post season when it really counts.I hope Whisenhunt returns to the Steelers.He is what they NEED as OC.Best wishes to all.

    • Leon

      budd, so you’re happy that a team with a “Winning” head coach has missed the playoffs 5 out of the last 6 years? Why have a head coach at all if he is not where the buck stops? Isn’t that the person who hires his coordinators? Off the top of my head, in 9 years with the Bears, Lovie has had the following OC: Terry Shea, Ron Turner, Martz and Mike Tice. the following DC: Ron Rivera (fired after SB run in 2006), Bob Babbich (eventually ‘promoted’ to assistant coach and linebackers coach), Lovie (before he ‘fired’ himself), Rod Marinelli. So again, how many different coordinators do you need before the head coach has to go?

      • Craig

        Hay leon I got a question for you and im a die hard bears fan. How many of them 6 years has Jay Cuttler been the QB

        enough said

        • Leon

          Uh, let’s see where those great OC that Jay had are now: Ron Turner um.. Mike Martz, um, and now Mike Tice. So what does that tell you?

  • budd

    I realize this is off the subject but take a long look at Rex Ryan? If there EVER was a miscarriage of NFL Football justice,keeping this clown IS just that.Tannebaum should have been kept OR Ryan fired also.And also Romeo Crenell.He got the royal shaft after handed a dysfuntional team in the first place.The owner KNEW he did not have a winning team, and did NOTHING to build one.Fired after just one season.I saw that coming LAST year.He was simply being USED.

  • emhokeese

    I think it has been coming for awhile every other year it has been the O coordinator that gets the axe. This time it’s Lovie. Hester blames the fans and the media hmmm, good luck where ever you land next year, maybe a couple more touchdowns and or receptions might have saved Lovie from the chopping block.


    OK IM A NINERS an my hubby is a bears fan i dont think it was lovies fault or the others couches fault ,they give the plays to the teams captain to pass on the plays maybe the captains should go not the couches ,just like any job u dont do ur job ur gone

    • Leon

      Karen, the players are usually brought into the system of the coaches. Ask your husband what he thought of Kellen Davis, who Lovie basically stated could do anything that any of the elite TEs could do.

  • Will Watch

    This is a mistake – this is one of the best coaches in the football world. Mr. Smith will be picked up by another team as early as tomorrow-I sincerely hope so anyway. Great coach.

  • pc

    the man did not wib the big games –always outcoached his record was like ozzie was in the 2ns half of the season–loser players loved em cus they skated we need a real coac who will not baby his players number 54 adios number 23 adios an alot of his clique coaches that he brought in do you think the defense will be better aging another year w/p shanges NOT

    • nayls

      And yet ANOTHER FOOL heard from.

  • mike

    Lovie was long overdue to go…can only pass the buck so long before it falls in your lap… as for Hester, he is useless as a WR and irrelevant as a kick returner now that the rules have changed…he is nothing more than an overpaid Josh Cribbs at this point…

  • i agree, i like lovie too nd he was a good coach and aiwinning coach but not enough to win playaoffs and u that to get o the superbowl. He lost 5 out of 6 and he never drafted a solid QB as backup. he kept jay cutler who cant pass for more then 200 yards,tries to throw everything to brandon marshall even in double coverage, racks up interceptions and is fundamentally flawed i his technique. He throws off the back foot, telegraphs who he throws too and refuses to acknowledge it. Remeber 4 ints last year and how he said he would throe there again. Not smart either. But lovie kept him just like he did with rex grossman who was also mediocre at best yet they chose to get rid of the receivers that were saving him and consequently he lost. Defense can only hold up for so long before injuries and poor offense catch up. Joe up top was right, they need a backup QB, OLB and another receiver. actually they need a new QB as the rookies are doing better then cutler.

    • nayls

      Hmmmm… can tell you read the BS the Chicago media spews out..Dam near word for word.

    • Craig

      Robert M is right ive been a bears fan since 85 and im 40yr and Jay ButSuccler is a horrible QB all the way around every thing Robert said is dead on and if nayls new anything about football or even watched it then you could plainly see Cuttler misses open recievers all the time and is not always that accurate even when he has all day to throw.

  • Pat Frey

    Goodbye …. Devon. Lovie Smith got dealt a raw deal. But, you saying you may not be back is childish. When did the Chicago Bears give you the impression that you had input into the business affairs of the organization? Get real.

    • Craig

      Pat your statment is very stupid. If you read the statment correctly Devin said he has been considering retirering for a few years that the game isnt that fun for him anymore it has nothing to do with lovie getting fired that just influenced him more to consider retirment. Pay attention to what you read before making a statment.

  • joel c

    doesn,t matter he wont be back anyway. you think the bears are going to pay 10 million for 20 something catches a year and the new return rules have pretty much taken that out of his game

  • Joe Blow

    It was time. Give someone else a chance. A big city like Chicago, with all that money floating around, just does’t get it. If you can’t beat a small town team like GB, who have made the Bears look like little cubs, for the last 10 years, and who have managed to spoil the first round of the play-offs for Lovie, every time, you just need to take some other avenue.
    We need someone who can beat an excellent, solid, consistent team year in and out like GB. No matter what happens, GB stays tough, that has been their history since the 50’s, while the Bears and the ownership settle for mediocrity year in and year out. Unless they change their mentality, the Bears will always remain a losing fan’s city. So, so sad!

    • Jeffro84

      GB has not been solid since the 50’s lol. First off Lambeugh retired in 1950 so they were good in the 40’s then in 1959 Vince Lombardi, offensive assistant of New York Giants, named Packers’ head coach and GM (Feb. 4).
      Packers (7-5) post first winning season in 12 years lol you moron. Then when Lombardi left in the 70’s guess what they don’t have another winning season till Holmgren becomes only third head coach in Packers’ history to have winning record in his first season (9-7) in 1992. Then in 1994 a 9-7 record, thus posting third consecutive winning campaign for first time since 1965-67 (Dec. 24).!! Yeah that’s the exact opposite of being solid. The fudge packers have been far from solid since the 50’s, if you have no clue about what ur talking about keep it 2 your self nobody wants 2 hear ur nonsense

  • Joe Blow

    Chicago fans, we deserve better!

  • W Wood

    No matter how good players like Hester, Briggs, Urlacher and others are, the Bears can’t just sit back and let the future of the team rest on them forever. As other posters have already mentioned, these guys are getting older. Hester has lost a couple steps and Urlacher doesn’t seemt to be able to get into the plays like he used to.

    That’s just a fact of life and not their fault. The fault lies with the coaching and management staffs for not planning for the inevitable and bringing in new talent while the older guys can still teach them something. As for Cutler, he’s either on or off and you never know from week to week which Cutler you’re going to get.

    The Bears need to start looking for replacements for Hester, Urlacher Briggs and stert grooming them while they still can. As for Cutler, the Bears need a quarterback who’s consistent from week to week

    Just my 2-cents worth.

  • Curt baker

    Gotta love Hester… He thinks he’s a number 1 receiver when he isn’t even still a number 1 returner. Hey Devin, the false fans didn’t get Lovie fired! The poor play of overrated players that Lovie protected did….. 3 wins against teams w a winning record including colts in Lucks first game, the meltdown cowboys and a split against Minnesota . That’s why Lovie got fired!!!

  • mike

    After Hester season of play he should think retirement. He did not do anything but collect a pay check this year . You know the money that the false fans help contribute to. Have to agree with Curt , was not the false fans that got Lovie (players coach) fired but the poor play of the players (like Hester). Do not have to be Maddon to to know that all Hester touchdowns for punts or kick off came when he just took off running forward , not dancing side to side, or backwards yet. YEP TIME FOR HESTER TO RETIRE .Open a spot for a player that wants to make a difference.

  • Ty

    Mr Hester I was a Bearfan before you entered this world, therefore I am authorized to present you with some simple facts your emotions might obscure from your vision and mentality. The NFL is a business; it is a large meatmarket. In a business if you cannot complete you go the way of all things. Just ask Pan Am, Eastern or TWA to name a few airlines who dies because they could no longer compete.
    It is said Lovie got the Bears job because he said, “I can beat Green Bay.” Ask yourself the last time the Bears beat the Packers. When was the last time you returned a kickoff or punt for a TD ??? And, I will not overlook the monster in the room, where the hell is the offensive line that was suppose to protect Cutler from the record number sacks he has sustained since becoming a Bear??? Where the hell is the receiving corps that Cutler was supppose have to accomodate his throwing ability????

    Lovie had at least 7 years to find an offensive line that worked. He did not do it. Mike Tice as an offensive coordinator??? I am still laughing.

    I am sure Lovie did not lock the door behind hin; feel free to follow him if you chose, and good luck if you do so.

  • charles f

    This is the first time I have found this website and I loved it. Why does Mr. Jones that owns the Dallas cowboys think he is so smart. I don’t think any of the Dallas Coaches should have kept their jobs. Not one of them are good at their job. The HC should not ever be a Head Coach. He just does not have it. Tony Rome is a QB but not one that will ever be a winning one. The Cowboys used to be one of the favorite teams in the nation but not anymore. I watch them now hoping to see them lose.


    Getting rid of Lovie was not the answer. Spending some money for a good offense is what the team needed. The defense was the reason for 10 wins. How many points did they put on the board compared to the offense? How many opportunities did the defense give the offense a chance to score, and it did not happen!!!!!

  • Ravinlunitic

    One of the best liked coaches in the NFL according to the players. 10-6 record. If the Ravens didn’t already have a class coach, they’d be all over him. Lovey would fit with the ownership, GM and fans of Baltimore. Somebody is going to get a class act.

  • rob45man

    This was the most stupid thing the Bears Organization has done. 5 steps backward none forward. How do you get one game away from the playoffs after adding just one wideout and fault the coach? He’s been made to work with overage players hurt players drunks, brokenback wideouts that hold up roster spots and its his fault? Front office lay off the margaritas and smell the coffee 10 more years you are about to lose~!

  • I enjoy reading the comments that posted about the NFL networks, some are good articles. I know beening die hard fans can be emotional. Just like “LIFE” father times
    catches up with all of us, the same in sports. As we say in the Miltary and in war you have to have a different approach each time you enter the game we take the good and the bad. Living here in Colorado and not being a Broncs fan, can you think what I go through daily. But I don’t down them for their wins. Right people in the right places makes things happens. Check out the rookie QB’s making it happen. Business is about production, so with that said it could be Mr Smith best interest to move on. Looking forward in seeing who will be playing in the “Super-Bowl”

  • new year? new cough? new player?….. end a other 6 yers, not playoff.!!!!!??????

  • equipo no es un solojugador. o un entrenador, somos todos, tanto fans como entrenadorer y lo principal, !los jugadores!.??? los tiempos cambiam y los jugadores. son cotisados por su decenpeno en suposicion, las diferencias en los jugadores es loque cambia al equipo. llano se juega por amor al deporte sino por haber quien ganamas, cuando dejemos nuestras diferencias a un lado y jugemos en equipo haran histori y sino. pasaran desapercibidos como uno mas delostantos jugadores desconocidos….

  • Sto’

    Speaking from the perspective of a former athlete…The coaching BUSINESS is really tough and most times too political. I can’t really speak on the Bears locker room situation or its front office. In a business where “winning” is the only ‘homerun you can hit, there will always be too many occasions where the individual treatment, whether it be athelete or coach, isn’t going to be “fan favorite”. As an athelete, you are only one piece of the success puzzle, as coach you are only good as the support surrounding you. Chicago …. this isn’t the first bump in the road, or the last. There will be many more team catastrophes, as long as the BUSINESS is all about interest and not PASSION. To Mr. Hester, don’t quit.. Payton didn’t quit,nor Gault.. neither did Dent, Plank, or Frazier, who by the way is coaching today. Before and after 1985, they faced similar crossroads..so did Lovie..These are just tests, that WE need you and coach to STAND UP TO….Believe me your DIRECTION is more valuable than the circumstance(s) confronting it !

  • Dihrdbearfan

    It’s a buisness move. A new GM wanting to hire his kind of head coach. Lovie is a great coach and a better person with class. And has my upmost respect and will do fine wherever he goes. Hopefully they will hire a offensive minded coach because thats what they need. We have the worst offensive line i have ever seen. Cutler needs better protection! If not it dosen’t matter who they fire or hire. It all starts with the offensive line. Just ask Jimmie Johnson.

  • vikesfan

    I may be a viking fan but always thought Smith was a good coach . Tice is a winner too. Good luck to them.

  • jeff

    What is the new rule in place, why hester is irreluvant?

  • d-mobb

    its really a shame…lovie smith is the reason why da bears won 10 games. his forte is primarily defense. and with that poor excuse of an offense their lucky to have even broke .500. lovie’s problem is being to loyal to offensive coordinators who ultimately are the reason for his demise. He kept mike martz on board for to long even though they went to superbowl based soley on defense. He should have fired mike tice mid-season when he saw that the offfense was based on cutler throwing and forcing the ball to one player (b. marshall). forget stingy lovie smith’s defense is PRODUCTIVE averaging about a touchdown a game. lovie will definitely get offers for head coaching positions. most importantly players respect him and buy in to his system. the bears are going to be very sorry they made this move.

    • Leon

      Uh, Ron Turner was the OC during the 2006 SB run. As the head coach, he is responsible for the the hiring and firing of his staff. He’s gone through so many OC/DC and assistants in his 9 years.

      • eric

        What about ron riviera? why was he let go? never made sense to me. BYE bye lovie and hopefully hester.

  • Pete

    Look everybody talking bout hester should man up yall go to hell! He feel how he feel. As far as Lovie concern as I stated he’s a hell of a coach. Just because he doesn’t get all in a player’s face doesn’t mean he’s a pussy! he was dealt a raw deal and where ever he goes he will be successfull! don’t hate the player hate the Game!

    • eric

      your probably one of those fake fans hester was talking about. You sound as ignorant as he does. You probably never even played the game, except for the video game. Go to hell on that.
      DA BEARS!

  • christopher

    Thank goodness someone in Chicago has come to their senses! Lovee should have been fired three years ago. He is a complete and proven failure. Now it is time to launch the big ego Urlacher and the wimp Cutlet and build a team that is fitting for the fine city of Chicago. Any of the old gang that does not want to play like Hester get rid of all of them and start with a clean and motivated group. And lastly get a real QB as all of your last 20 years of QB’s have been lame and weak. Time to pony up and bring real football to Chicago

  • j-bird

    cutler will break your heart ,man broncos fan

  • eric

    I have been a bears fan for 30 years…Devin hester is a has been, please retire. He wanted to be a wide reciever, what a joke. I liked lovie but his time in chicago has passed. After the super bowl he has not done much. Please move urlacher, he is old and continually hurt. Keep Jay cutler and build an offensive line and another real “reciever”. Hester is mad cause he is realizing he will not get his $10 million now lovie is gone. GOOD! use that money to bring in a real reciever, he didn’t even have 1 return for a td this year. 7-1, then 3-5 is unacceptable.

  • eric

    I have been a bears fan for 30 years…Devin hester is a has been, please retire. He wanted to be a wide reciever, what a joke. I liked lovie but his time in chicago has passed. After the super bowl he has not done much. Please move urlacher, he is old and continually hurt. Keep Jay cutler and build an offensive line and another real “reciever”. Hester is mad cause he is realizing he will not get his $10 million now lovie is gone. GOOD! use that money to bring in a real reciever, he didn’t even have 1 return for a td this year. 7-1, then 3-5 is unacceptable.
    “He feel like he feel”, learn proper grammer dummy.

  • Paul Feyereisen

    I have been a life time bears fan and here is my take. There are very few people that would say anything bad about the man Lovie Smith, however this isn’t a popularity contest its about winning. He was brought in supposedly to at the least beat Green Bay, they have lost 5 out of 6 including 2 this year that cost them the playoffs and division. Coaching is a major part of the game not just in game preparation but in judging and selecting talent including coordinators and in game planning against division rivals and getting there number so to speak. Yes talent and injuries are of major importance but this happens to most teams. Look at Green Bay they have had just as many if not more injuries to key players than the Bears. The major problem I have seen with the Bears is lack of an offensive line and a corresponding lack of any effective adjustments mid game to correct these types of problems, ie shorten routes, go to running back more often, screens, short crossing routes,etc. Yes the players are the ones who play but they are restricted to the calls from the bench. Of course you can blame offensive coordinators but who is responsible for hiring them? Lovie Smith will get hired, he is a great defensive guy just hasn’t shown good judgement in offensive coordinators and the offense in general. The offensive line did not just underperform that line was developed by coaching and decision making by coaches. To give an example after the San Fran loss they benched two players one a 1rst round pick, and yes he played poorly but he is still young. He got pissed off and left the team, and yes that is also on him, but then he was put on IR and unable to play the rest of the year since he returned after a 5 day period. Thus a weak line was made worse and then amplified with a couple injuries the following week.

  • football fan

    ok, Hester feel your pain. But the money is great right. Please if you are owed 10mil next year keep the trap shut and move on. Lovie is a good guy but is he really a winner? I have watched him make terrible calls in games, he needed to be smarter and to get better while he was with this team. The NFL aka NOT FOR LONG is what it is, they use you and abuse you and pay you a ton of money. Take it and run.

  • Don

    As a Browns fan, I think that if we don’t go after Lovie, we’re going to stay in the sewer forever. Glad the Bears don’t want him because we need him.

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