Second graders correct NFL players’ tweets (Photos)

Apparently, some NFLers aren’t smarter than second graders.

This past week, a second-grade class from Elmwood Franklin Elementary in Buffalo, N.Y. sharpened their grammatical knowledge by correcting tweets from three players: 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver, Lions receiver Titus Young, and Patriots receiver Wes Welker.

They shared the results on their Facebook page, along with the following description:

Second graders are serious fans of football—and grammar! Elmwood Franklin School’s second grade students applied their lessons in proper sentence structure, noun and verb usage, spelling, and punctuation to correct the tweets of professional football players. The students partnered in groups and together found several mistakes in these tweets, including the incorrect spelling of “a lot.”

Culliver’s original tweet has since been deleted. It has not been a good week for the 24-year-old, who made waves with his anti-gay remarks. Young can’t seem to keep his name out of the headlines, so this is no surprise. Welker … well, we’ll chalk it up to the “holiday spirit.”

It’s common knowledge that a vast majority — OK, pretty much all — professional athletes will never become Pulitzer Prize-winning scribes. Kudos to these kids for furthering that perception in a pretty creative way.

[H/T Deadspin]

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Zack Kelberman
An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. He's also a freelance NFL writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of Helmet2Helmet. His work has appeared on media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports,,, and Zack can be reached on Twitter (@ZackKelberman) or via email (
  • fred rogers

    This is stupid, they are on Twitter who cares. Also they are football players who’s sports came before grammer.

    • Elmwood Franklin 2nd Graders

      “This is stupid, they are on Twitter who cares. Also they are football players who’s sports came before grammer.”

      This is stupid. They are on Twitter. Who cares? Also, they are football players, whose sports come before grammar.

      • Brad

        That is fantastic! Thumbs up.

    • Ann

      You might want to brush up on your grammar, spelling, and punctuation too, Fred.

      • Play

        No. Fred is right. It’s dumb. A lot of people make tweets from their phones. A lot of people post on facebook from their phones. It really depends on the phone and how busy someone is. That plays a major role in how easy it is to trim words, abbreviate without punctuation, and make simple typos that have nothing to do with one’s grammar. But please, let’s keep things like this in the news to distract us from real world problems. How about everyone brush up on the credibility of one’s life, and worry about proper grammar on twitter and facebook later. Also, wouldn’t this be considered being a bully? Embarassing people nationally over grammar seems a little harsh.

        • Brad

          You against teaching and using various learning tools?

          • Katie

            A person who contradicts himself in the same paragraph of his comment, i.e. “But please, let’s keep things like this in the news to distract us from real world problems.” significantly diminshes his credibility. LOL

    • John Mayo

      Fred Rogers: I care. Dieing is not a word. Dying is a word. Alot is also wrong. A lot is correct. The last one may have been a typo as nobody says “My God, bless you all”. Correct spelling counts for a lot (two words) in this world. Also, note that “I pray to God I’m never dying broke” is an odd sentence. A better sentence would be “I pray to God that I don’t die broke”. It’s sad when second graders are better spellers than adult. Please don’t defend their poor spelling. “Oh, you know what I mean” is really a person admitting that they cannot spell or express themselves intelligently. That’s kind of sad.

  • ursofakingfunny

    this is news? everyone knows Pro football players are NOT smarter than a fifth grade

  • Greg

    I sure hope Fred isn’t over 15…

  • BetterDeadthanFred

    This comment thread is the funniest thing I have read in weeks! Thanks Fred! Thanks Kids!

  • Bob Bobbington

    I find this to be pretty stupid. The grammar mistakes of the football players are minor. I honestly don’t even see how this could be considered “news”. Leave it to an elementary school to be a bunch of Grammar Nazis.

    • Katie

      Your against using the English language correctly?

      • Katie

        Did you catch that one I made purposely? LOL

  • It’s the Good and Bad

    “Yay!” to the creative use of grammar and a teacher using the world around them as examples. They aren’t being grammar nazis; they are trying to teach them grammar before the context of the world takes it away.

    “Boo!” to calling the players out like this. The above post about using a phone keyboard is true; yes, it can cause a little confusion, but if the auto-correct’s self-adjusting or a finger misses or a “Whoa, did you see that?” and a send click and “my” is “may.” While I expect the motivation was to share something the kids were proud of, this is clearly insulting to the “college-educated” athletes. Would they really be better off if all of their tweets were grammatically correct? The article and the Facebook post just come off as pedantic.

  • Tracy

    This may seem dumb, but I find it to be a great idea for students. As a teacher, I am always giving my students sentences to correct. This is a great idea because the students probably find it exciting to be correcting someone they look up to and admire.