Jets to ‘shop’ Tim Tebow at Scouting Combine

On Tuesday, the Jets began their roster purging by cutting ties with several veteran players, including linebackers Bart Scott and Calvin Pace.

They won’t resort to the same method with Tim Tebow … yet.

According to, the Jets are expected to “shop” the backup quarterback at this week’s Scouting Combine.

The trade deadline officially opens on March 12, so the Jets are simply putting out feelers, gauging potential interest around the league.

Gang Green shouldn’t be holding its collective breath, however.

No team is going to part with a draft pick for a player they know is on the outs, especially one with an immense amount of cult-like hoopla. As New York experienced first-hand, acquiring Tebow ultimately brings about more negatives than positives.

While another NFL club probably will kick the tires on Tebow, the Jets can all but forget about recouping their losses from last season’s monumental blunder.

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Zack Kelberman
An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. He's also a freelance NFL writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of Helmet2Helmet. His work has appeared on media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports,,, and Zack can be reached on Twitter (@ZackKelberman) or via email (
  • Peter

    I get so tired of hearing that TT is not a good QB, he can’t throw, can’t do this can’t dow that. He took over as starting QB with Denver and got them into the playoff’s. He won more post season games while he was at QB then did the always wonderful QB that got TT out.

    So I guess that TT is no good. Because all the writers dislike him because he can’t pass. Look at the over time game in the playoffs, one pass won the game. Oh thats right he can’t pass. Since all the writers dislike him because he does not hide his dedication to his out spoken words on Christ and the fact that he does have a large fan base.

    Sorry that he is a winner in ways which all reporters feel that can not win. I’ll take a QB that makes things happen, he can stand side by side other QB’s and stand up well!!

    • knowsbetter

      The writers are stupid or mislead or just didn’t look at TT when he was in Florida. You are correct in the statement about them disliking him for the reasons you said, the names Christ or Jesus simply turns them off so they must be antiChrist. BUT they along with everyone else will stand tall before God in the end. Now, so he does Christian work on the offseason, is this not better than running the bars and gettting arrested and hitting cops, and, doing MURDERS? Get with it writers, give the man a break the same as you would anyone else and READ HIS STATS!!

    • I also am tired of the TT protests. He is a great QB, and as far as his actions go in the way he thanks his God, well that is his business. Besides, there is a lot of other players that thank the lord when they score or make a good play. No one says anything about that, so why is it such a big deal with TT???
      TT was the hottest QB after he finished college, Denver really messed up trading him to the Jets. That was a big mistake. Then the Jets never really used him. A guy cannot do good or bad if not even played. Good god, give him a chance!!!

  • Margaret Mills

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    • knowsbetter

      Just what does this have to do with TT or football? Go away.

  • FanG

    Shoppers !! The Jets are holding a Blue Light Special in aisle 5. On sale is one over hyped QB that can’t throw the ball. Purchase this QB and they will throw in a free potluck dinner to a Church of your choice.

  • Keys

    Momunantal blunder, that would be Sanchez; and not give Tebow a chance to save the season for Jets fans as he did in Denver.