Brett Favre helped recruit Greg Jennings to Vikings

If you’re wondering how Greg Jennings‘ pact with the Vikings came about, look no further than Brett Favre.


The veteran receiver, who recently inked a five-year, $48 million contract with Minnesota, revealed his ex-teammate and retired gunslinger lent a proverbial hand in the deal-making process.

“Literally, as I got off the plane and (offensive coordinator Bill) Musgrave walked up to me, I’m on the phone with Brett,” Jennings said, via “I spoke with Brett two or three times throughout this process. He shot me straight. I knew if there was one person that would shoot straight and tell me exactly what I wanted to hear and things I possibly didn’t want to hear, it would be Brett. He did that for me.”

Favre, of course, knows something about jumping the NFC North ship, having gone from the Pack to the Purple People Eaters, with a brief stop in the Big Apple sandwiched in between.

It seems Jennings was quick to embrace the longtime rivalry, taking a shot at his now-former team.

“Mr. Spielman, Coach Frazier and the Wilf family, they were more in tune to me playing in this color and with this organization than Green Bay was,” Jennings said. “The decision was made and I’m excited about it and, even more so than me being excited about it, my family is excited about it. That always makes it easy.”

Some assume it’d be tough for the 29-year-old to go from catching passes from Favre and Aaron Rodgers to Christian Ponder. That might not be the case, as he threw his support behind the supposed third-year starter.

“I was able to see him make all throws,” Jennings said. “He has a very strong arm. He can move within the pocket. If there’s one thing I would say, he probably, as every young quarterback, can work on accuracy outside the pocket. But that will come. To his credit, he had every right to be frustrated with the pieces that were around him – no disrespect with Percy (Harvin) going down and him having a young group of guys around him. He had every right to be a little frustrated, but he played well with what he had and he was able to have success.”

Success is something Jennings will try to rekindle after playing for a perennial playoff — and Super Bowl — contender. Much to the disdain of cheeseheads everywhere.

(Photo credit: Jeffrey Phelps, AP)

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  • Ben

    Favre = Traitor to the team that pulled him off the bench from the Falcons early in his career. No one thought he was anything special until Holmgren developed him in GB.

    You’re welcome for your career, asshole.

    • Vikodin

      You sir, are retarded

      • mentally challenged guys

        hey dont group that guy in with us

  • Ryan T

    Jennings is a waste of money! He’s played 50% of the snaps in the last 2 years. Read Winfield’s comments about him after the last games….”He cannot separate anymore” and was average for a team that throws 60% of the time…