Geno Smith fires, blames agents for not being top pick

Geno Smith experienced one of the biggest draft-day freefalls in recent memory, dropping from the top 10 to nearly the middle portion of the second round.

The “crime” hasn’t gone unpunished.

The New York Daily News reports the newly-minted Jets quarterback has fired his agents due to “displeasure over his draft position.”

Sources tell the Daily News that Smith thought he “would and should” be the draft’s top overall pick, despite reps from the Select Sports Group giving him “no assurance” of where he’d be selected. Nevertheless, Smith felt the need to go in a different direction after falling to the Jets at No. 39.

Though he potentially could’ve landed with Gang Green at Nos. 9 or 13, Smith was never a realistic shot to end up in Kansas City at No. 1 overall.

After day one ended with him still on the board, Smith decided to pack up and leave New York, before a last-minute change of heart had him return to Radio City Music Hall for day two. Presumably, his now-former agents advised him he’d be selected early in the following round, but it apparently didn’t sit too well with the ex-Mountaineer.

Smith can’t hire another agent for five days, and there’s no indication as to who will be his next rep. It would be ironic if Smith chose the duo of Schwartz and Feinsod, the much-publicized agents for Darrelle Revis. A better bet, though, is him going with a superpower, such as Drew Rosenhaus or Tom Condon.

In any instance, this isn’t the best of beginnings for Smith’s NFL career, which is sure to be under the Big Apple microscope from here on out.

(Photo credit: Jason DeCrow/AP)

Zack Kelberman
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  • Michelle R

    It’s my understanding that Geno Smith was drafted exactly where most people thought he would be. No one I heard even entertained the idea he would be a first round pick. Chiefs didn’t want him….don’t think he was ever a twinkle in their eye. Mr Smith needs to get over himself!!

  • Pittsburgh Pete

    Look, he played for WVU. Nuff said.

    • Wooddash

      How many Pitt players were drafted this year? Last year?

  • Poppa Charlie

    Good! agent gets paid 2 do a good job and get u d best if not then let them feel u’re heat & anger.

  • jerry

    Talk about a red flag…Mental stability and intelligence are two qualities you can slide on to a degree in college but they are needed for success at the NFL’s most demanding position, something is missing for him to be that lacking in self awareness. There also a fine line between self delusion and confidence, Smith seems to be leaning toward the former. No one with even rudimentary knowledge of the NFL draft expected him to go No. 1 overall, his agents likely realized that so he likely fired them simply for not massaging his inflated ego enough.

    • Bosco

      The guy is another Titus Young. A DILDO Breath IDIOT.

  • James Hamilton

    We will see if Jean-o can put his ability where his mouth is next season !

  • David DeForge

    Boo Hoo fing Hoo.

  • dfudski1

    Got to blame somebody for his draft drop. Guess he’s showing why he dropped as far as he did. He may have fallen even further had the inept jets drafted him where they did. He will fit right in with the rest of the misfits called the Jets. What an ego! Chiefs didn’t need a quarterback and neither did anyone else other than the Jets. He probably won’t be happy with whatever contract they offer him;oops, it’s the Jets. They will overpay an unproven rookie if they can.

    • ricktenny

      I think the Holmgren led Browns have a firm grip on the #1 spot for elevating QB’s draft status and then paying them to boot.

  • Steve

    Seems as though the BAD report that was written about Geno is coming full circle and proving to be right. Waiting for this whole thing to blowup and Rex pack his bags. This kid was not good enough to go in the First Round no matter what he thinks!

  • chas6969

    not only over valued, over rated, over hyped, now he’s over his big, childish ego!! fires agents? good for nothing, geno(crybaby, complainer) smith. oops, forgot to add over ly immature jerk off!! GO BILLS!!

  • Joe Beets

    He’s a perfect fit for the Jets…another wanky, ego inflated wannabe…he’s perfect for them!

  • Goateegear

    You all seem to forget this is a business. No longer just football. If I hire an agent and said agent states I will/should go first round, regardless of what the media or experts say, I would fire said agent. Now he may not be the best talent, but he is trying to get paid…again you want to get paid at your job, why can’t he get paid at his????

    • Rick173

      Did his agent tell him he was a first round pick? The only thing I saw was Andy Reid
      letting a bunch of sports writers play with a rumor while he drafted for real need.

  • ricktenny

    Well he certainly doesn’t lack for ego.

  • OP Resident

    The whole episode has the look of an immature athlete or spoiled brat taking the ball home because the draft go his way.