Orlando attorney buys ads urging Jags to sign Tebow (Video)

It seems the Tim Tebow-to-Jacksonville hype train isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Just one day after the White House pulled the plug on a petition aimed at getting Tebow to the Jaguars, the same pleas have hit the airwaves.

Per the Orlando Sentinel, prominent Orlando-based attorney John Morgan has begun running local radio ads urging Jags owner Shad Khan to sign the free agent quarterback.

You can listen to the commercial in the above video. Or, if you’d like to see it with your own eyes, here’s the transcription, courtesy of ProFootballTalk.com:

“I’m John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan, and I wanna talk Tebow for one minute.  Here’s the evidence.  Tim Tebow played on two national championship teams.  He won the Heisman as the best college player in the country and was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos.  Somebody knew somethin’.  And after he got his only chance to start, the Broncos were 1-4 and he led them to the AFC playoffs, and beat Pittsburgh.

“The Jaguars are 27-42 in the last five years, one of the worst records in NFL history.  And more in store for this year.  We can’t even fill an entire end zone.

“Tebow is one of us.  He has class, character, and he’s a winner.  Let’s win, Mr. Khan.  Once upon a time, so-called experts probably doubted your potential, and now look at you.

“Give our guy a shot.  I’ll even buy that box your tried to sell me.  Remember this:  You can’t TiVo Tebow.  Let’s do this Mr. Khan.  For the people.  Let’s win.”

(Photo credit: (Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)

Zack Kelberman
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  • Lonnie Cleveland

    The crime of two teams that have done their best to ruin the career of, not only an outstanding football player. but a man of character and principles that can only be an asset to the team and locker room. Elway;s statement after Denver made the playoffs last year:” Tebow is our quarterback “….I’m going to work with him this off season ” what a liar. Not to mention, after signing Manning…what better person to help Tebow ?
    What about ” Jerk of the Jets” and his remarks how they were going to use Tebow, and what an asset he was going to be…More lies and BS. Now it’s the Jags chance to prove to the NFL. and all the has been critics, thay Tebow can be “The Man”….Sign him Jags !

  • Richard

    What they don’t tell you is that John Morgan is a sleazy ambulance chasing lawyer.

    I just hope he does something to shut his Teboners up.

  • Mike Anderson

    I understand why Elway signed Manning… HE’S A HALL OF FAMER. Him getting rid of Tebow PISSED me off…. but…. I understand….. Why Elway doesn’t bring him back or why hasn’t any team picked up Tebow is just a shocker! Football is a game, it’s entertainment, you want fans to get involved…. so why not give the Fans what they want – TEBOW!!!!
    See what he’s like…. I know if Manning goes down DENVER BRONCO FANS ARE GONNA BE PISSED THAT TEBOW ISN’T THERE – I’M ALREADY PISSED and Manning has been my Fantasy QB every year for the past decade = and I finally won a Superbowl last year…. But there is no denying, Tebow is the MOST POPULAR, MOST KNOWN FACE IN ALL OF SPORTS – – – – SO WHY, WHY, WHY Isn’t an NFL TEAM Picking him up????? It’s been a week already….. SOMEBODY??? C’MON YOU FREAK’N NFL, DO IT FOR THE FANS!!!

  • All you nasty people are WRONG: Mark Sanchez is probably the second best quarterback in the whole NFL. He’s got a LOUSY bunch of woosies for an O. line. They can’t block the rushers. Sanchez gets stripped, fumble-sack. Mark Sanchez has NO wide receivers nor tight ends ; he has no running backs (except some dude named Shaun Greene) What ever. And it’s all Tebow’s fault. Tebow can’t pass. He’s gotten so big he can’t run. and from what I’m hearing about passes fluttering, I’m wondering if TIM TEBOW needs rotator cuff surgery??
    Anyway, quite being so nasty. Mark Sanchez is the best AND Tim Tebow is a big fat ZERO. No job, he can’t pass, he can’t run, what is the problem hear? Nobody wants him except John Elway wants him to marry his daughter.
    ! Viva La Raza; Mark Sanchez is muy bueno !

  • ted

    anyone who defies t-bo don’t no anything about football. i could sit here an tell all you fakers what he done in his life with football an his personal life,but the media rather hurray hurray someone who done time, wife beater or adog hater but not one word about a MAN an christian o i said the magic word christian that what people like the media don’t like. well anyway keep it up t-bo ,someone will give you a chance an then maby they will all be t-bowing to you. thank the good lord for you.