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DeMarcus Ware shows off new facemask (Photo)

DeMarcus Ware has a new look.

The Cowboys’ Pro Bowl linebacker on Wednesday took to Facebook to give fans a glimpse of his upgraded facemask, complete with eight horizontal bars. His last facemask contained just four bars.

“Getting my armor ready for the season….will be suited up for battle!” Ware wrote.

Similar to Giants defensive end Justin Tuck’s, Ware’s unique grill makes it harder for opposing linemen to grab onto, reducing the risk of neck injuries.

That’d be a good thing for the 30-year-old Ware, who’s reportedly dealt with nagging stingers since the 2009 season.

  • robert

    Need a helmet like that for titus young, so they cant recognize him next time he falls asleep in ATT phone store.lollipop

  • Mike Anderson

    funny, he thinks this is gonna help? for one, he’s not going to see well… for 2, he’s gonna see a finger get stuck in there – ya wanna talk about neck problems now? lol

    • DA RAIDAZ: DavEEz

      @mike anderson.. Judging the fact that the horizontal bars end below eye-level, the facemask has a perfect gap for vision.. And I dont see how breaking an oppenents finger is a downside, that just gives an advantage.. I like the designs of these new facemasks. They leave little room for an offensive lineman to snag some facemask in the trenches, plus they look DOPEEEEEE!!!!

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