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Dolphins want to play game on aircraft carrier

After a failed attempt to secure public funds for stadium renovations, the Miami Dolphins’ brass has focused their attention on bids for Super Bowl 50 and 51.

And they’ve wandered way out of the box.

According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, the Dolphins want to place a U.S. navy aircraft carrier in downtown Miami — aptly titled “Super Bowl Park” — and play a football game on the deck.

The carrier would come retrofitted with a full 120-yard field.

“I imagine they’ll be playing touch football on it, not tackle,” Volin quipped.

NBCMiami.com reports the plan also includes “an interactive video exhibit and extensive transportation plan that includes a water shuttle and railroad that would drop people off near the park.”

“We’ve submitted the best bid that we can in every aspect,” Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said. “From a Dolphins perspective, we’re doing every thing we can.”

Everything but thinking logically, it seems. But, hey, it just might be crazy enough to sway the NFL. We’ll know on May 22, when the locations of the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowls are announced.

  • Ed

    So I guess the Dolphins brass are a bunch of cheap skate losers who refuse to spend their millions to fix up their stadium. So they come up with this lame idea. If it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers saying this about playing on a Aircraft Carrier, I’d actually think of it as a cool idea. Have it all set up as a Pirate ship and it actually would work for them. The Dolphins though should go with a Sea World theme complete with an aquarium.

    Better yet how about the owner sell the team to someone who will spend money on our team to improve it. Unlike the current cheap skate seems to be doing from all the articles i’m reading.

  • chris

    Seems a bit hard to believe until i saw the picture….that’s a prototype Royal Navy carrier, not a USN one….is the NFL Europe coming back…or maybe they are hosting the Lingerie Bowl? Its now making sense :)

  • mike john

    However, they may want to check with the US Navy first. Those CVNs don’t come cheap.
    And the possibility that the USN will have one available when needed is a crap shoot. Oh! That’s right they’re used for national defense. Maybe someone forgot about that.

  • Dee

    Tha is call life won you do not have the right poeple in the right position are the right investor brokers and owners to help won the bid and to make change and the nfl team business organization are aint sports teams organization da was you will get tha won the bid and 2005 because da have someone inside bid for them in the dolphins made a lot of money tha year on the super bowl not because wayne huizenga was the owner because the co.owners put in on the bid in won it in be cand the top man to bid so he can owned the teams was mr. bankruptcy wayne huizenga sold the team off now da need help but i say no because the nfl teams organization and all the sports organization teams need to get it right on who have the right and owned the teams organization so i say some time you have to loss to won may be next time miami dolphins keep the outside out of the business and owners organization and no who owned the organization and who done. p.s thank

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