Jaguars fans launch anti-Tebow website

If you’re an NFL fan, you typically fall into one of two classifications: those who are for Tim Tebow and those against him.

It’s quite obvious where a certain sect of Jaguars fans stand.

The Bold City Brigade, a Jags booster club now in its second year, has started a website,, to combat the swirling Tebow rumors, petitions, and PR campaigns.

“We are inspired to counter anything or anyone that chooses to attack or spread ignorance about our fan base,” said John Caputo, president of Bold City Brigade, via “We aim to do it in a tasteful and tactful manner, which represents our mission and members.”

The website went live on Wednesday, a day after Orlando attorney John Morgan started running radio ads urging the Jaguars to sign the former Jets quarterback. The site’s title is a direct reference to Jacksonville GM Dave Caldwell, who squashed the Tebow speculation during his introductory press conference on January 10.

“I can’t imagine a scenario where he’d be a Jaguar, even if he’s released,” Caldwell said.

As of Thursday, the site had already received 31,000 “Endorsements from REAL Jaguars fans that don’t need Tim Tebow.”

With so much media attention being spent on Tebow-mania — and not much else — longtime fans of the franchise are fed up, and doing their best to make their displeasure go viral.

“Obviously it’s frustrating to be constantly bombarded by the Tebow-mania,” Caputo said. “Many die-hard Jaguars fans feel ignored. We feel like our voices are not heard because we tend to sit back and not do anything brash and in-your-face.

“The media knows what sells. If a petition started by a random guy in New Jersey that isn’t even a Jaguars fan can get that much attention, then obviously we are fighting an uphill battle. The website is our way of saying to the national media: ‘You want something brash. Well then, here.’

“Enough was enough. For three years we sat back and tried to be patient as it hopefully blew over.”

Zack Kelberman
An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. He's also a freelance NFL writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of Helmet2Helmet. His work has appeared on media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports,,, and Zack can be reached on Twitter (@ZackKelberman) or via email (
  • C C Ryder

    You “brash” fans aren’t going to have to sweat it much longer. The only way you will be able to go to a former Jaguar team game will be to take a 3,000 mile road trip. Hellooo Los Angeles !!!

  • What in the hell do the Jags have to lose???They couldn’t get any worse! Opps, sorry they could have gotten The 1st pick!