DeSean Jackson: Tim Tebow ‘not good enough’

Tebowmania has predictably been in full swing since the Patriots decided to sign the former blackballed signal-caller.

Allow DeSean Jackson to fan the flames some more.

Appearing on NFL Network’s “Total Access” Tuesday, the outspoken Eagles receiver doubted Tim Tebow’s ability as a quarterback, saying he’s “not good enough.”

“Forty-six percent (completion percentage)? This is not basketball, that is not good enough,” Jackson said, via “He has the mentality to come in and be a leader and all that good stuff, but as far as winning the games throughout the whole season, I don’t know. I don’t know if he can by my quarterback.”

Jackson is hardly the first person to make note of Tebow’s lackluster completion percentage, which is largerly affected by his unconventional throwing motion.

Several QB gurus have claimed that Tebow has fixed his delivery. But Jackson, having experienced a similar situation in Philadelphia, isn’t of the belief that he can so seamlessly alter his style.

“Michael Vick came in and they wanted him to pass first and he tried to do a great job of doing that, but he still went back to what he always did, which is run,” Jackson said. “That was kind of hard because all you know is what you know.

“That position is a tough position. … You gotta go out there and improve. I don’t think (his play is) going to go too much higher.”

It’s worth wondering why Jackson went so in depth with his Tebow commentary, but it’s hard to disagree with the majority of his points.

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Zack Kelberman
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  • jack sprat

    So, what you’re saying, DeSean, is that Tebow’s got no rhythm, right?

    There, Mr. Writer, “wonder” no more. Now, it’s in the open.

  • TinyFace11

    Hey DeSean Great insight. Now do me a favor as an Eagles fan, stop worrying about what is going on beyond the novacare center walls. Because you guys won 1 game after the first month of football last year, if i was Tebow i would respond and id say, bet ya i coulda won five games last year. SHUT UP and PLAY

    • joolyen

      Settle down! DeSean was doing an interview and they asked him a question. He just answered it honestly.

      • True, but thinking completion percentage is better than winning shows he isn’t too bright. With guys who think like that, I can see why the Eagles haven’t won a playoff game since 2008, despite having tremendous talent. These guys need a kick in the backside. It might get them a Super Bowl.

  • Wayne Poffenbarger

    Let’s see….Tebow: 2 National Championships….Jackson: None….Tebow: Heisman Trophy as a Sophomore and should have been as a Senior….Jackson: None All Jackson has is speed, but he gets hurt pretty easily and ducks as many tackles as he can rather that try to get more yardage. I would take Tebow over Jackson any day of the week.

    • James Friesen

      Why do people keep bringing up what he did in college? Jamarcus Russell was a great college QB, and so was Ryan Leaf, doesn’t mean you can do it at the NFL level.

      • Tebow’s only close to full-time opportunity in the NFL resulted in taking a 1-4 team to the playoffs and getting a playoff win. That is his pro record. Perfect. Mentioning his college record reinforces his ability to win. What does any of that have to do with Jamarcus Russell?

  • Brian

    Wayne, you’re a dope. College – rah, rah. Too bad it has nothing to do with the NFL. Tebow’s getting a non-guaranteed league minimum, with no other team in the NFL interested in having him as a QB. And no one’s to say that the Patriots are going to keep him as a QB. “But I’ll take Tebow over Jackson any day of the week.” Most idiots would.

    • Jane Smith

      Why so nasty? Wayne has an opinion, just like you, and he’s simply pointing out the successes of Tebow vs. Jackson. I think we all know that Jackson’s opinion is not the final word on Tebow’s ability to play QB on another team. Is he some kind of expert? It’s clear he feels Tebow doesn’t have the talent. That’s his opinion. Yes, Tebow is getting a non-guaranteed league minimum but so what. That’s how it works for somebody in Tebow’s position? That doesn’t rule him out as a back-up QB necessarily? The point is he’s been given a second chance. Nobody knows what Belichick has in mind for Tebow. Maybe he’ll surprise everyone. Maybe he won’t. Let’s just wait and see how things develop.

      • Hi is nasty, because that is how most Tebow haters are. They ignore facts, and when confronted with them, they deteriorate into meanness…

        You are right when you say Tebow has been given a second chance, but that is really the saddest part of all of this; Having to be given a second chance when all you have done is work hard, keep your nose clean, and win.

    • Raymond Babcock

      college play has nothing to do with pro play really though all of the pro players came from college so to say college play has no connection with pro players is stupid i have never heard teams going to they unemployment office for help

  • JuggerNutz

    Yea DeSean, tell us again how great you are and how you know so much about football. All this coming from a guy who forgets he is supposed to be carrying the football into the end zone and not dropping it before you you cross the goal line. Remember that DeSean? Recall that it cost your team the game that day! Stop worrying about Tim Tebow this and Tim Tebow that. Shut up and worry about yourself DeSean.

    • Raymond Babcock

      good luck with that

  • Whiteshoes H

    Tebow had success with the Denver and then they traded him to the Jets when they got Peyton. They had to get the fans out of the picture who chanted for Tebow all the time. You can’t blame Tebow for everthing that happen with the Jets. The Jets offensive line “sucked” . They couldn’t protect any quarterback. When Holmes went out with a injury. The wide recievers “sucked”. The defense had to spend to much time on the field and would get worn out. The difference between the Denver and the Jets for Tebow was Denver was a much better team. Now he is with New England a much better team. I think they will make him look good however they use him.

  • I am a Packer fan and we have the best quarter back in football. (At least a few people think this to be true) I wish we would have picked up Tebow. All he would have had to do is come in the game for ten or so plays a game. Maybe he would block for Aaron (he is big enough to do this) Maybe he would have ran a play maybe he would have gone out for a pass. He can catch the football. Maybe he would have ran left turn and toss the ball back to Aaron maybe he would have circled and throw a pass down field. Maybe he would have thrown a short pass. Who know what but it would have been fun to watch. And besides all that Tebow was meant to be a Packer. Don’t you think Tebow and the Packers are a perfect match.

    • You are probably right. Tebow’s skills make the other team’s crazy when he is out there. So it works as a decoy and when his skills are utilized. The Jets didn’t have an ounce of creativity. Just about every play you could predict what was going to happen. Amazingly, Tebow still usually made gains. He is a great athlete, leader, and winner. Obviously being winners is something the Jets have known little about since Namath was there.

    • Raymond Babcock

      tebow would be good any just like the Strange loves of martha Ivers Martha will be allright any were

  • Completion percentage would be important if that stat counts in your fantasy league. Sadly for DeSean Jackson, Tebow with his paltry completion percentage has had more success in his brief career than the Eagles have since Tebow has been in the league. In fact, the Eagles haven’t won a playoff game since 2008. But hey, I’ll bet just about every team’s starting quarterback that hasn’t won a playoff game has had a better completion percentage. Most people would take the playoff win over the completion percentage.

    Since the facts never back up the Tebow haters criticism, maybe they will start inventing bizarre stats to make their case. Taking a 1-4 team to the playoffs and getting a win doesn’t help their completion percentage criticisms a whole lot. Having the same team go up in flames with Peyton Manning as QB doesn’t help. Tebow’s illustrious college career and two national championships don’t help much. Being the first college sophmore to win the Heisman trophy is another kick in the haters’ lower extremities. The notion that winning is the goal of team sports has to go up in flames when trying to bash Tebow. That is and always has been the bottom line. Being a hard worker and a standup guy doesn’t give you much to criticize.

    • Raymond Babcock

      Tewbo is easy you love him or you hate him its not an issue for Tim Tewbo

  • TexasSportsFan

    No one cares what DeSean Jackson has to say about this issue or any other. Instead of criticizing Tebow he needs to worry about restoring his own reputation. Tebow has never quit on his team. Tebow has done nothing but win regardless of his completion percentage.