Staubach: Tony Romo is a championship quarterback

The relationship between Tony Romo and Cowboys fans is the epitome of love-hate. When Big D wins, Romo is a hero. When they lose, he’s the goat. No exceptions.

Former Cowboys great Roger Staubach has a (long) message to these same fans: Learn to love and cherish Romo, because “we’re lucky to have” a “championship quarterback.”

“I’m a Tony Romo fan,” Staubach said in a recent radio interview, via the Dallas Morning News. “Obviously there are people that are right with me and others that say Roger, you know. Well, I just look at it. I just have a feel. I had a feel when Troy Aikman came to this team. I think Tony Romo is a championship quarterback. He can take a team to a championship. He can’t do it by himself, but I really believe he can do it. I just see what he does on the field, the plays he makes, the throws he makes, the sense that he has to move in the pocket so I’m pulling really hard for Tony because I really believe he is one heck of a quarterback, and that’s a feeling from somebody that I didn’t say that about any other quarterbacks except for Troy Aikman. I think Tony is the right quarterback, and we’re lucky to have Tony Romo.”

Staubach also believes there’s reason for hope in 2013.

“I think there is hope in many of the seasons we’ve had since Troy’s days in the 90s. We had the 13-3 year and we lost to the Giants in that opening playoff game so we’ve had kind of rough roll. But there is 10-12 teams this year that have a shot at it, and Dallas will have a shot at it. When you’re 8-8, you can be 10-6. The Giants a few years ago were 7-7 and ended up 9-7 and got to the Super Bowl. Last year, Baltimore was kind of hurting at the end of the year. If Dez Bryant doesn’t have two fingers out of bounds, who knows so at least I think Dallas has got the talent to be competitive with the league. We have hope that we can get to the playoffs and once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen.”

Truth is, Romo will continue to be criticized, scrutinized, and all other iterations of “ized” until his play is consistent, and, ultimately, he delivers Dallas another Super Bowl title. It’s good that Romo has someone like Staubach in his corner, but the Hall of Famer’s words will likely fall on deaf ears in the here and now.

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Zack Kelberman
An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. He's also a freelance NFL writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of Helmet2Helmet. His work has appeared on media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports,,, and Zack can be reached on Twitter (@ZackKelberman) or via email (
  • Reginald

    Reggie on Romo,

    He is one of the greatest QB’s to play the game, he is my pick for the Hall and will be there. He and the Cowboys will prevail, Receivers and other players need to get onboard and do their part to help him get us to the Super Game this year and consecutively to next three. Fans, we love you but, Cowboy Fans are the most Fickle fans in the NFL!!! Stop hating if you love us and get on board win or lose.

    Reginald Dumas
    Fan for over 45 years.

    • Patricia Brooks

      Amen Reggie I’ve been a cowboys fan since 1977 during the day of glory and the days of not glory days but have never wavered from my team. I agree Tony Romo is a championship quarterback and we are lucky to have him. Yes we will be in the playoffs this year and back to Superbowl. Shame on those who hate us.

  • I totally agree with everything Roger had to say about Tony Romo. I have always been a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, and I always will be. Tony definitely has the potential to get us to the BIG dance, but he can’t do it by himself. He needs the help of his supporting case, Dez, Miles, Jason, the entire “O” line has to step up and protect Tony so he can do what he does best “make it happen” with the weapons he has. I feel it we will make a great statement this upcoming season, and all the haters can just sit back and shake their heads and say “HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS”!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roger Staubach’s words will not fall on deaf ears. They are already being heard resoundingly! When it comes to speaking for the Cowboys, with meaning, other than Tom Landry, there is no better voice and I think his words will be taken to heart, not only by the fans but also (and more importantly) by the players. They have the talent and Romo is clearly their beacon of hope. Tony is an outstanding QB and deserves a ring more than any other QB in the league. Now they need to get that Cowboy’s swagger back and use it to win another Superbowl!

  • I couldn’t agree more with Bob the DJ, Reggie and Anna! Come on, #9 has set a few records of his own for the Cowboys and Roger is the man! If Staubach is confident for their chances, everybody should be. Come on Cowboys show them all who America’s Team still is!!

  • lori friedel

    Championship Quaterback who has never made it to a Championship game? Yep, you’ve got a keeper! Please keep him in Dallas.

    • Luminator

      Romo does have championship quarterback potential. The problem in Dallas is not Tony, it is the lack of running game, offensive line, and suspect defense.

      When Aikman and Staubach played QB, these guys were surrounded by perennial pro bowlers and now many HOF players. The list of outstanding players that created the Dallas dynasties is overwhelming.

      Today, fans cannot say the same thing about the current Cowboys. They do have some very talented players at some positions, but no running game with an outstanding OL for more than a decade. Aikman had Smith and got coached by Johnson, Stuabach had Dorsett and got coached by Landry.

      Tony has never been blessed with a strong running game or OL. This is why he now has almost every passing record in Dallas history. Romo is constantly asked to do more with less. And for the most part has contribute very well. The fact that Romo has set backs in must win critical games is not all on him, it is also on the team. Yes, it sounds like an excuse but it is the reality.

      Do you think Flacco or E Manning stand a chance playing behind a poor running game or OL in Dallas. You would find out that Flacco and Manning would be far worst than people credit them.

  • vmueller

    what Ever

  • mj

    dallas cowboys will the frist team to win 7 super bowl

  • Skrod

    Agree & have been saying this for a long time. Tony can get the job done, but not alone…he can’t throw the ball from his back! O-Line help is needed badly!

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  • peter pan

    Romo is a joke as is Jerry Jones. He should suppl;y money and stay home and watch his cowboys lose

  • Lavernior White

    I’m a been a Cowboy fan Since Tom Landry days. Danny White was far better than Romo. Romo is a choker and always will be. Don’t need details and stats, need end results, which says Romo is a 24 carrot choker

  • lantern

    Why doesnt anyone admit it with guts that the whole problem in Dallas is the egomaniac guy named Jones. He continues to believe he knows football and continues to intrude into football operations and embarasses continually his coaches. A coach cannot play under an intrusive owner that makes him look like a coward. Garrett you are a coward for accepting less duties on play calling offensive plays saying its okay with you when all along it was the intrusive force of Jones. Yes, Romo is a good quarterback that badly needs help from the offensive line and a good defense that lets Romo down all the time. Remember, Romo does break down but its when the defense lets him down and then Romo tries to do too much. Jones, get the hell out of town because I really dont watch the Cowboys anymore because of you ever since you ran Tom Landry out of town with total disrespect. You continue to select bad draft choices and downsize your coaches to cowards. Idiot.

    • Orlando w

      You hit the nail on the head!

    • nospekeeenglish

      Very good comment .

    • Todd36

      Took the words right out of my mouth… Although I don’t think Garret is a coward for taking less of a job, I just think he is a realist. There isn’t another job out there for him. He is a second string quarterback, and an “ok” offensive coach. He most certainly is not a head coach, and no other team would hire him to be one. No respectable coach will work for Jerry Jones. Those who have tried only lasted a few seasons, and others have taken notice. As long as Jerry is GM, Dallas will not be a Super Bowl Team.

  • Phil Clift

    Tony is a good quarterback, but there will be a couple of plays a game where he leaves you scratching your head. The problem has been is that the team has not been good enough to overcome the outcome of those plays that cost us a few games. I sure hope Roger is right, Tony needs to put it all together and get us a Super Bowl win.

  • JRoland

    Words from a championship quarterback are encouraging but in Romos case, you have to get there first. Just ask Flacco, he is one and it took several years and teams to finally achieve that status. No disrespect to Staubachs opinion but I think he is a little premature.

  • irene mcqueen

    I like romo I think cowboys have a chance he just needs help he can not do it alone!!!!!!!!

  • Ft. Worth Native

    Romo is damn near unequaled among active QB’s in reading the defense at the line. His problem is that when the ‘Boys get behind he tries to make The Play too hard and throws the dumb interception. Give him some O-line protection and a defense which won’t make him HAVE to save the day, and he’ll do great. Believe it or not, but his numbers last year were among both the best of his career and among the best in the league. The Cowboys were 3 plays away from being 11-5 last year Hopefully some of those will break our way this year.

    • 2smooth

      The cowboys were also 3 plays away from finishing 5-11, Stats only count in post season wins.

  • paul

    Romo is a Scab QB not a Championship QB He Blows the Big One

  • paul

    and the Bucs almost won the SuperBowl!!!!!

  • ed

    Can you say ot when he actually wins a chanpionship….

  • Mike

    Is Staubach suffering from concussion damage? Romo is a choker and always will be.



  • AL

    Hahahahahahahahahahaahh!!! ohhhhhhh awwww haaaahhaaaa!!!

  • BroncoNation1

    Well that just go to show you that OLD Stary (Staubach). Doesnt know a thing about football. All Romo does is throws the ball up and hopes. He should of never been drafted or on a Nfl team. Romo is a choke!!!!! The only way he will ever be a championship quarterback is if he is backup to Manning or Brady!!!!

    • Major2

      You are a Moron. Do you really think you know more about football then a Hall of Fame QB?? Shut up stupid.

    • Ronny L Wilson

      HEY BRONCO BILLY ………….get your facts straight……..TONY ROMO WAS NOT DRAFTED ………HE WAS A FREE AGENT…….

      • whodattony

        Not only that he was brought to Dallas on the advise from former QBs coach Sean Payton who went to the same school which i think was Eastern Illinois

    • BigDawg72

      Speaking of “choke” did you hear that the broncos were playing the Pats this weekend?

  • Diehard Giants Fan

    Championship quarterbacks are determined by their presence and decision making during the course of critical games. All Super bowl winning quarterbacks have shown this ability when it comes to crunch time. Point being, until now Tony Romo has not shown this ability, example, the last game against Green Bay, the coach calls for a run, Romo decides to change the play and throws the interception which may have cost them the division, but has yet to be seen, granted if he makes the pass and they run out the clock, great, but that’s not what happened, the run was called, because that was the best percentage play, even it it’s not a first down, you punt to Green Bay who only has 1 minute or so to go 60 or 70 yards, with an inexperienced quarterback. It was a bad decision by Rome, and that’s what separate’s the championship QB’s and the Wannabees….and before you all go jumping on my case, yes the Giant’s stunk up the place this season, and Eli had a lousy season, but he still has 2 rings, as opposed to Tony’s 0, enough said..I do agree the single largest problem the Cowboys face, is the meddling by the owner, but that said, He owns the team, so he can do what he wants, as long as he bears responsibility for it’s failures..

    • Romofan

      With the way the defense was playing in the second half they go have gone 80 yards in 20 seconds.

  • Raymond Reid

    this must be the he-man romo haters forum, can someone please direct me to a more positive chat room.

    • 2smooth

      The truth hurts huh raymond?

      • Raymond Reid

        no the truth is we are now 6-1 lol

  • TTT

    Romo is as useless as tits on a bull !!!!!

  • Texas Freeman

    Perhaps the issue with the Cowgirls is that JJ has to get his hands out of the kitchen making and let the cooks do their professional job!

  • phil

    This quote is from a June 2013, article. Does he still feel the same today

  • bkf

    Cowboys biggest issue is with the defense. The second is with the offense is to control the game after they get the lead and to run out the clock.

  • whodattony

    wonder how he feels about along came Jones

  • Bernie Francis

    Roger obviously leaves out what I call the “it factor” of success in sports. I truly believe God only “anoints” a small percentage of champions and, unlike Staubach and Aikman, Tony is not chosen. I think the Cowboy owner, coaches and staff will hang onto hope for Tony until he ages out of the job. I’ve got Tony pegged as a Dan Marino, Donovan McNabb, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly or Steve McNair. He’s a 10-year, 34-year-old pro with stats equal to two championship QBs. His “it factor” Achilles Heel showed up when he was not picked in the 2003 draft. I think it’s long passed the time he poop or get off the pot.

    • 2smooth

      Dan marino never had a complete team around him including a defence, Was’ nt marinos faught.same goes for jim kelly and tarkenton.They did their jobs.

  • Gary

    Sorry, Roger, but you’re wrong about this. Maybe you should stick to defending Tom Landry after his unceremonious dumping by JJ, who hasn’t got enough sense to switch QBs.

  • 2smooth

    Wrong rodger, where is the proof? Choking in crucial games is not a championship quarterback.Cowboy fans wanted romo to succeed but he is just not able to win big games.

  • Cowboys Fan 09

    Staubach is right. What grounds or proof do yall have to argue with him? Look at Romo’s numbers and the amount of 4th quarter comebacks he has made, which he wouldn’t have to do if Cowboys had a better defense. Romo is a top quarterback in the NFL and anyone who says he isn’t doesn’t know football.

  • Romofan

    Name one championship quarterback with a horrible defense!!!