Warren Sapp takes shot at Michael Strahan

There isn’t any love lost between Warren Sapp and Michael Strahan.

On Thursday, Sapp, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this August, took a shot at Strahan, who didn’t make the cut for Canton, saying former Buccaneers teammate Simeon Rice was better than the ex-Giant.

“Nobody ever talks about Simeon (Rice),” Sapp told the Tampa Tribune. “Simeon was a better rusher than Michael Strahan any day of the week and twice on Sunday. (Rice) didn’t rush the worst lineman. You know, the right tackle is the worst of the five. Strahan played right end his first four years.

“When they were putting the label on him as a bust, they put ‘B-U-S. OK, let’s transition him on the other side and see if he can play in his fourth year.”

The current single-season sack record holder, Strahan is likely to get inducted in 2014, much to the chagrin of Sapp.

“They put (Strahan) at right end and he couldn’t do it, so they moved him to the weak guy. One-on-one with the (Eagles right tackle) Jon Runyans for eight quarters every year. Sim won’t ever have his name brought up (for the Hall of Fame), and that’s a shame. He’s one of the best pass rushers I’ve ever encountered in my life,” Sapp said.

Speaking of the sack record, Sapp alluded to the now-infamous takedown of Brett Favre.

“This is a man who wants something given to him and they gave it to him,” Sapp said. “So have it.”

Well, then, it looks like these two won’t be exchanging Christmas cards this year.

(Photo credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)

Zack Kelberman
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  • Jason

    Warren Sapp like most players and fans are fucking idiots nyway,and I don’t even listen to what this dumb-ass nigga anyway,and as far as that sack on Brett,only haters bring that up. The other bunch of sacks,I’ve noticed no one brings that up,cuz he had to take a beating every play.Michael is Not better than LT,but should have been in the hall of fame last year.

  • Mark

    Just goes to show you what a classless Fat bastard Sapp really is. Has no honor, respect for a player who gave it his all every week, its the leading all time single season sack leader and a true Giants leader, and Fat bastard Sapp never played for one team his whole career, he has no loyalty. Fat Warren Sapp, you fat fucking Sap!!!

  • demon

    if its so easy on the left why dont every LE have sack records you fat fuck. strahan was feared double teamed and very well known because he could play the game but i guess haters gonna hate. get a record fat boy. BALLIN!!!!!