Ray Lewis climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Brad Pitt’s brother

On Wednesday, Ray Lewis will begin his trek to the 19,340 foot summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest point.

And akin to his now-former NFL career, Lewis’ team features star power.

USA Today Sports reports that the Hall of Fame-bound linebacker will be joined by Doug Pitt, brother of Brad Pitt and goodwill ambassador to the country, for the excursion.

They, along with ex-Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris, will scale the mountain for a mission called TackleKili, which aims to raise money for clean water projects in East Africa.

The group is expected to reach Kilimanjaro’s top on Sunday, but already made a difference before they left, providing local kids with fitted hearing aids.

Great pictures, great cause. But the all (not so) important question: will there be a Lewis chicken dance at the summit?

(Photo credit: USA Today Sports, via Instagram @tacklekili)

Zack Kelberman
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  • I though Brad Pitt’s brother was Stu Pitt.

  • BuddyLuv

    Will there be a ‘chicken dance’ on the summit? Wow! I just hope that no one comes down from that mountain in a body bag!

    • MreOrnery

      Mr. BuddyLuv,

      I truly hope that your posting in regards to “hoping nobody comes down from that mountain in a body bag” was a sincere wishing of a safe trip to these brave men in stead of an ignorant comment made with the intent of marring the incredible act of kindness and giving that Ray Lewis, Doug Pitt and Tommie Harris are offering in such a great cause.

  • MMLP

    Ray Lewis was involved in a murder with questions still unanswered. I don’t give a shit when it was …but unlike Hernandez he got a second chance. I personally could not stand this past SB with images of Ray’s career and all the great things he’s done. For those who are going to question me on the case against Ray itself …I can tell you I know much more about than you do …so don’t try. No bitterness just a happy FUCK YOU Ray…

    • Dez

      Actually, that’s BS. ALL questions were answered eventually, and the two who actually did the murder were found not guilty by a jury of their peers, like it or not, and Ray testified against them in court. Try and acatually learn the facts before you spout shit

      • MMLP

        Ya…his attorney worked out a plea deal for him in exchange for his testimony…

        Then Ray testified “Oh I remember that both my friends Oakley and Sweeting bought knives at a Sports Authority before the SB…ya…ya…I remember that….You know my friends bought the knives and stuff.

        Funny how they could never find his white suit??? And guess what…. they also found one of the victims blood in Ray’s Limo…How about that?

        Should I keep spouting some more (shit?)…………..dez?

  • MMLP

    “Lewis’s attorneys negotiated a plea agreement with Howard, where the murder charges against Lewis were dismissed in exchange for his testimony against Oakley and Sweeting, and his guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice.Lewis admitted he gave a misleading statement to police on the morning after the killings” ???? No why would Lewis have done that???

    “On April 29, 2004, Lewis reached a settlement with four-year-old India Lollar, born months after the death of her father Richard, pre-empting a scheduled civil proceeding. Lewis also reached an undisclosed settlement with Baker’s family”

    Sounds like money can buy everything Dez….even what you believe……

  • MMLP

    I have thrown away razors that I use, thrown away camera’s that I’ve used but never in all my life have I heard of a throw away “White Suit” MMMM….MMMMM..
    Police: Ray where is the white suit witnesses saw you wearing that night? If there’s any of the victims blood on it …it will more or less signal your giult??
    Ray: I have no Idea where that suit went.??? I had it on when I left for the night but for some reason …..IT’S GONE????
    During a taped pre-game interview with Shannon Sharpe that aired on CBS before Super Bowl XLVII, Sharpe told Lewis that the families of the slain men find it difficult to see Lewis be idolized by millions of fans, believing he knows more about the killings than he shared. “What would you like to say to the families?” Sharpe asked. Lewis said: “God has never made a mistake. That’s just who He is, you see…. To the family, if you knew, if you really knew the way God works, He don’t use people who commits anything like that for His glory
    So let’s see after he pays off the child of the murder victim and the family out of the goodness of his heart …he says God just never makes mistakes…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No he doesn’t but people do ..the same people who let him walk.