Tim Tebow unlikely to make Patriots’ final roster?

Before the Patriots took a chance on him, Tim Tebow wasn’t given much of a chance to play in a regular season game this year.

Despite being under contract, the odds still aren’t in his favor.

In his assessment of the Pats’ roster, Mike Rodak of ESPNBoston.com gives Tebow just a 25 percent chance of cracking the final 53-man unit.

Rodak is speculating, but provides sound reasoning for his opinion, stating that Tebow may not provide enough value to the club. He’s unlikely to beat out Ryan Mallett for backup quarterback duties, and New England probably won’t use him at other positions or in the Wildcat.

As such, Tebow could be facing an “uphill battle” to secure a place on the team. Rodak, however, concedes that it’s “simply too early” to make any determinations, especially with coach Bill Belichick’s infamous against-the-grain philosophy.

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Zack Kelberman
An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. He's also a freelance NFL writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of Helmet2Helmet. His work has appeared on media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, MSN.com, FanSided.com, and About.com. Zack can be reached on Twitter (@ZackKelberman) or via email (zpkelb@gmail.com).
  • Rick Allen

    Mike Rodak is not very smart… I no nothing of the Pats roster but I know football…and I can guarantee that Tebow does make the roster… he has some value that a most other guys don’t have… he can play special teams, he can run with the football and he can throw…yes I said it he can throw…

    • chris porter

      Yes he throws so well that his career completion rate is 47% , one of the worst in history. Stay off the meds.

      • Todd

        Check out Terry Bradshaws completion percentage especially in his early years. He
        did ok I think. Tim Tebow is judged more on his persona then his ability to lead a
        football team. He may not have all the right mechanics, but he didn’t do such a bad
        job when he got a chance. Heart and determination can make up for talent even in
        the NFL. The storyline on Tim Tebow is not yet known, but my guess is he will play
        in the NFL again.

        • chris porter

          That Denver team was held together by the defense, Denver’d offense was one of the lowest scoring offenses in the league with Tebow at the helm. You are deluding yourself if you think that his style of play is sustainable in the NFL. Whenever they played against elite offenses where scoring is at a premium they were blown out, you cant expect to win games scoring less than 21 points per game in this league.

    • Noreen Kennedy

      you are right on, rick!!

  • Rick Allen

    And one more thing…. When Mike Rodak says 25% chance of making the roster, he shouldn’t try to hedge his bet by saying that Belichick has an against the grain mentality, it makes it look like a built in excuse in case he is wrong………. If Belichick keeps Tebow it will be because of sound reasoning, not an against the grain mentality… I am saying he will definitely make the roster and I only have to know of 2 things…Tebows talents and Belichicks smarts….

    • Dave

      It’s hilarious that you start your comment with “Mike Rodak is not very smart” and then continue on with a slew of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

      • Jerry

        What are you the grammar police? Get a life Dave!

        • Dave

          Why don’t you shut your whore mouth Jerry?

          • Sinda

            Wow, Dave, defensive much? You might take a look at your own grammar, syntax and punctuation before you ridicule others. You might also take your meds before you post on online forums so that you don’t go PMS Joy Behr on people who ridicule your neurotic efforts to derail discussions. Attacking people as the Grammar Nazi because you lack the capacity to form cogent arguments about the issues at hand is lame at best.

      • don

        dave you need to not bet all on just because everone is not like you because someone spells bad an not as punual as you– does not mean by a long ways you’er the smarter.

  • Wayne

    So many people have bet against Tebow it’s almost a joke. Tebow has said them himself in a commercial…would never play high school quarterback..he did. Never play quarterback for a major college…he did and won 2 National Championships and a Heisman…not get drafted in the first round….he did…never play quarterback in the NFL…he did, and took a lousy team to the second round of the playoffs. When will it end and the doubters give up?

    • RYAN

      Great comment, spot on! The only real haters are the media and the thrones of dummies that listen to them.

      • Ray Young

        Playing politics with a no talent, bible thumping, good ole boy, who a got job because he knew ,white folks in high places………..Not because he was good……….Teblow white boy affirmative action case……….The only way that bum could get another NFL job……..FACT!!

        • Bigdog4au

          Sounds like you got denied food stamps and now you are taking it out on tebow..we are all praying for you dude…

          • LOL, I LOVE IT
            couldn’t say it any better myself
            right on

          • cjohn

            That was funny!!! Well said!



  • TinyFace11

    Strong possibility he wont make it. I am hoping that he will. Just a stand up guy. Period. And with all the bad pub the Patriots have gotten w/ Hernandez and now the other kid w/ a DUI I would keep him on their just to show the league that bc Tebow is a class act and a competitor he can be their 3rd string and whatever else they need, type of guy. Sounds like this guy was just bored and knew if he wrote a Tebow piece he would get attention.

    • John

      Amen to that

  • Ray Young

    when Teblow took over QB of the Broncos their offense dropped from 21 ppg to 18 ppg…people seem to forget the defense gave up 28 ppg prior to the bye week then got their $@%! together after the bye and only gave up 22 ppg the rest of the way. Defense was also on the field more when Tebow was QB.

    • Hal laluieh

      It was a miracle…praise the Lord he is bringing religion to those heathens….Belichek is evil!

    • YOUR I.Q. IS VERY LOW. You cant see a winner because you are a whiner !

  • Pete

    Maybe the Hernandez case will help Tebow make the team. The Patriots definitely need an upgrade in image, and a message to there fans that talent isn’t the only attribute they are looking for in an athlete.

  • Todd

    Wow, Tim Tebow is even more of a miracle worker than I realized. He qb’d a team to a
    7-1 record while ave. 18 pts a game and his defense giving up 22. Here’s a stat along
    the line of the one you used, Tim Tebow at QB got the Broncos further in the playoffs
    then Peyton Manning at QB. Tim Tebow must be the better QB, sounds stupid just like
    your stats. Why you got to hate on a guy who just wants to play football in the NFL just
    like we all did when we were kids, maybe because he is realizing his dream and you couldn’t.

    • Ray Young

      HMMMMM!!…………These Teblow no nothing sheep followers are dumb as sack rocks……..Can’t even understand simple stats……….By the way Teblow sheep follower loser, the Broncos didn’t go 7-1 under Teblow……more made up garbage by these clueless no nothings………….This bum will be put on practice squad or cut by NE………Stop trying to prop up this no talent bum, it will not work………NFL doesn’t owe little timmy Teblow jack……..You stupid sheep following teblow losers will be crying hater …………When NE puts this bum on the street again………. LOL!!

      • Dick Les Wanda

        How dare such evil and wicked things…Hopefully he will be leading the Patriots prayer circle..jerk

  • joe bocci

    Of course everyone knows everything. Let the teams keep players who get arrested, drunk, beat their wives and girlfriends, murder, etc. What good examples for all of us. NFL is the worst in picking players. Too bad. The owners are blame. Greed !!!

    • Ray Young

      The NFL isn’t the 700 hundred club…….Are these players perfect?………By all means NO!!…….Because people aren’t perfect………Doesn’t mean that every good ole boy bible thumper, should be a NFL player either…….Get off self righteous high horse and join the real world.

  • James

    Tebow is in New England to learn, not to play. Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady will show him what it takes to be a legitimate NFL QB. If it looks like he is getting better in preseason and training camp they will keep him. If not they will move on. Simple as that. Tebow is a winner. and at the end of the day NFL football is about WINS, LOSSES, AND PROFIT.

  • Doug

    The last time I checked football is a team sport. Tebow helped the defense by holding on to the ball and creating field position by reducing turnovers. They had a great kicker and punter that Denver used to the best of their abilities. Team effort.

    Now let’s talk about Tebow Time. John Fox is an idiot. You make him play under center for 3 qtrs and then in the 4th qtr he final gets out from under center and creates plays. Tebow’s strengths are his legs and short passing routes. He creates lanes by moving the pocket and puts extra pressure on the defense by running ball. Under center this does not exist. The kid wins ball games, but just because he doesn’t do it your way does make him a bum.

  • GENE

    RAY YOUNG ; SOUNDS to me like he wished he might have one forth of TIMS LIFE OF BEING A FOOTGALL PLAYER. Iwould like to know just what he has done for others as well as himself. sound to me he..eaten too many sour grapes..sounds to me as he could be prediges=this should give ray another shot my [SPELLING] Iam wondering if he was as great &WONDERFULL .if he has credit to prove he was or is the ballplayer timwas at UF. JUST ANOTHER SHEEP LOOKING TO ENJOY ANOTHER TIMMMMM SEASON DIEHARD FLORIDA [TIM] FAN. MR RAY LET ME HEAR

  • Didaskalia

    I’m not too hopeful on Tebow sticking with the Pats, especially given Bell-o’s ease in getting rid of players. It’s possible that one (or more) of the troubled players’ actions brought about the surprise decision to sign Tebow.

    However, if Tebow’s heart is really set on being a QB, then he’s going to need to either start his own league, or give up the dream and learn to play a different position and live with it. He has a mix of both excellent and awkward skills. Until coaches (and Tebow) set a specific team role for him, and he plays is for 2-3 seasons on the same team, the media hype will stay alive. Maybe the Pats have the coaching staff and the time to transform Tebow?

  • lando calrissian

    Is there a requirement that people who comment here not be able to spell or form a complete sentence? Or is this just an indicator of the level of intelligence of the average football fan…inquiring minds want to “no”.

  • WildWilliam

    Tebow is with the Patriots because McDaniels believes in Tebow’s potential and Bellichik believes in McDaniels and Kraft believes in Bellichik. Tebow is there to learn and, judging from the limited film of the OTA, he has already learned to get his feet set correctly on short passes. Besides, someone has to throw to all those receivers in early camp, and noone wants to burn out Brady’s or Mallett’s arms. We’ll see, but I’d bet Tebow is good for at least one year.

    • Noreen Kennedy

      I think tebow was working with another guy for some time now on his footwork. anyways. I know he’s going to be a patriot!

  • Vickie Fleming

    Let’s see, We have here a well balanced group of Tim haters, Tim lovers, bad grammar, and those who think they are English teachers, football know-it-alls and those who actually know something, and name callers and those who try to use reason.

    I shall stick to those who not only try to stick to the facts and are upbeat, as opposed to those who say whatever comes into their tiny little minds and are downers. I know that in my lifetime (which has spanned 76 years), at no time was any football player judged on being a nice guys, doing good for all those he can reach, only given a chance in the one year where the Broncos made it to the second play-offs (taking a loser team, and that’s a fact man from nowhere to that place).

    It would be really nice if you all would just think of what a talent Tim Tebow has proven himself to be. None of you know if he has been working really hard on his throwing skills or not, or if he might just be just what the Pats (who are not my favorite team) are looking for. Not only that but your bias doesn’t even allow for intelligence enough to give him a chance.

    Oh well, there just doesn’t seem to be any hope for bias and/or prejudice in this world.of people of that ilk. At least there is more chance that Tebow will make it in the NFL than all you Bible and Tebow haters seeing the light.

  • Noreen Kennedy

    I think mike should cover the jets and not the patriots.

  • truths4all

    Do you Tebow haters realize that you are being played for chumps by Zack Kelberman? He throws out a bone and he hopes like hell that you guys will chew on it. Where in Kelberman’s track record can anyone find that he ever was able to assess football talent or had any real clue as to who might or might not make the final roster cut? And yet you haters are fully agreeable to playing the part of being his patsy.

    As for Tebow, only those who are blind haters will ignore that he has won college championships, the Heisman, was deemed worthy to be drafted into the NFL, and has won a playoff game. Up until last season, even Matt Ryan could not claim to have won one. And yet Tebow haters sound SCARED that he might make a roster and that he might again play in a NFL and prove he has improved his skillset. It seems haters should want Tebow to make a roster somewhere and then prove them correct on the field of play so they can legitimately dump on him then.

    Come on haters, there is no doubt that Tebow has real football skills. Why argue some thing like that when you should really want him to actually play and fail. When you complain and attack his supporters, it only shows you are scared that Tebow might improve and he might end up being a success. Do you really hate him and hate God that much? Truthfully, we should all fear God as his day of judgment and punishment will come.

    • cjohn

      Amen to that. The last sentence hits home!

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  • spartanburg guy

    Tebow…good kid. Not very accurate quarterback. Can add another dimension at QB by being able to run the ball…………..however, in the NFL , a QB running the ball will eventually get injured. Players too big and too fast. Plus, exertion of running a lot will cut his accuracy even more. Sorry. I think Tebow needs to consider changing positions. I also understand that Tebow does not read defenses very well. Is this from lack of experience, or he just cannot master the system ?