Shawne Merriman begs Falcons for job on Twitter

Shawne Merriman wants back in the NFL.

The former Bills linebacker, who announced his retirement in March, took to Twitter on Sunday night, begging the Falcons to bring him aboard.

Merriman has the specifics drawn up, too.

Sounds good on paper. But if doesn’t work?

It’s a nice offer, but one the Falcons are unlikely to go for. Now 29-years-old and increasingly injury prone, Merriman hasn’t been a worthwhile player since his San Diego days. His penchant for PEDs probably won’t help, either.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution doesn’t expect the team to pick up the phone even if Merriman calls, and overall summed up his situation quite well.

“Clearly, it might be time for Merriman to get on with his life’s work,” the paper states. “Hopefully, he received his degree from the University of Maryland and can find some gainful employment.

Presumably, that employment won’t be sustained by second-rate TV shows.

Zack Kelberman
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