Italian league offers Tim Tebow 4-month, $200,000 contract

Tim Tebow has received an offer to play football — over 4,000 miles away.

The Associated Press reports the Milano Seamen, part of the eight-team Italian federation for American Football, has extended a four-month, $200,000 contract to Tebow.

According to a federation spokesman, the Italian season begins in March and presumably runs through July. Seamen president Marco Mutti confirmed a deal is indeed on the table.

“The offer has been made to his agent and now we’re waiting for a response. … We would be more than happy to have him.”

An excerpt from the offer sent to Tebow’s representatives, which was posted on the federation’s website, can be viewed below, thanks to the wonders of Google Translate.

“Every person involved in football is driven by a strong passion. This is why Tim Tebow will find many things in common with us, when we begin to know each other. You may make a new life experience and use his free time to help promote football in every way possible. The example of his client can be of great value to help in the recruitment of new athletes. We have developed a program, called “U.S. Experience”, whose aim is to select candidates who may be suitable for scholarships in the United States. Tim Tebow may be the lighthouse to give our project the visibility needed to attract people interested in our sport. In Italy we practically invented the term “family” and the world of football is a family, especially in our country, ready to welcome Tim Tebow.”

Back in September, a Russian football team was reportedly willing to hand Tebow $1 million for two games, and the former Patriots quarterback politely declined. He probably has the same pleasantries in store for the Seamen.

Zack Kelberman
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