Adrian Peterson calls out refs, Ravens fans on Twitter

It was an insult and injury kind of day for Adrian Peterson.

The Vikings’ All-World running back suffered a potentially serious foot injury, and Minnesota lost a last-second heartbreaker to the Ravens, 29-26.

Frustration must’ve reached its tipping point after the game, as Peterson took to Twitter to call out the referees and Baltimore home crowd.

Nothing will undo his team’s defeat, but AD himself can breathe a bit easier. The Vikings are calling his injury a sprained right foot, though additional testing will likely take place within the next 24 hours.

Initially, the injury had the looks of a season-ender, as Peterson, in serious pain, had to be carted off the field. He finished with 13 yards on 7 carries against Baltimore.

Zack Kelberman
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  • Tim Cammers

    Yea there were 3 bad calls in this game. But it also in many other games this year. I thought they retrained them. Well I guess not. It is bullshit too. But only part of it is the Ref’s the other part is the NFL Big Wings and there non stop changing rules every year and this hurry let’s get the game over attitudes. There are no real games anymore. It is looking more and more then nothing but a expensive parade. Nothing more and nothing less. They limits teams to things and even teams have it hard to challenge calls anymore because of there standards. I am just disgusted in the NFL period. Not like people are depressed enough in this country. Now they teams and fans get bent over and rear ended because of bad play calling or other crap!