Dallas columnist calls Dez Bryant ‘classless and immature’

Much has been made of Dez Bryant’s ill-fated decision to walk off the field in the midst of the Cowboys’ inexplicable loss last Sunday. The mercurial receiver said he only did it because he was on the verge of tears.

He may need a few more tissues.

In an online chat with fans on Monday, longtime Dallas columnist Rick Gosselin called Bryant “classless and immature” for exhibiting a lack of accountability.

“Walking off the field is class-less and immature. If the losing team shakes your hand when you win, you should be there to shake the winner’s hand when you lose,” Gosselin said. “But there is so little accountability on this team. Dez can walk off. Romo can check out of a run to a pass. The players run the show at Valley Ranch, not the coaches. And that’s why this team won’t win the way it’s currently structured.”

Gosselin is right in the sense that the inmates may indeed run the asylum in Big D, and the team’s problems extend far beyond Bryant. There seems to be a severe disconnect between coaches and players, evidenced by none other than Tony Romo’s questionable decision to audible out of a run prior to his back-breaking interception.

“Tony Romo doesn’t want to run. Jason Garrett doesn’t want to run. And that one play aside, Bill Callahan apparently doesn’t want to run, either,” Gosselin added. “It seems DeMarco Murray is the only guy over there who wants to run. The Cowboys cut their fullback before training camp and then brought three tight ends to camp who could catch but offered little in the way of blocking. How can you expect to run the ball when there’s no commitment to it? You don’t avoid the run all season long and then decide in the final minutes of the 14th game that you want to run the ball. Running the football is a mindset. That mindset hasn’t been cultivated since Garrett became head coach.”

Until that mindset changes — or Garrett is removed from the equation — Bryant’s waterworks likely won’t be a one time occurrence.

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Zack Kelberman
An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. He's also a freelance NFL writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of Helmet2Helmet. His work has appeared on media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, MSN.com, FanSided.com, and About.com. Zack can be reached on Twitter (@ZackKelberman) or via email (zpkelb@gmail.com).
  • Great article… That place is a mess… I hate the Cowboys and hope they lose every game, but it does seem like the clowns run the circus… This Murray is GOOD, real GOOD..

  • Mano

    The problem starts with JJ. No real coach would ever let the owner and his son have this much involvement on a for real football team. At half time you can just see JJ telling Garrett and Callahan ” OK boys lets put on a show, light it up!” Romo is a Bret Favre want a be and he is, the bad part. He really is Mr. panic under pressure. No one on this team has any idea what clock management is. As for Dez at least he has heart and doesn’t want to lose. He is doing his part. He should go to another team that has real coaches who understand the game, not these appointed yes men that run the Cowboys. What you have seen the last 5 years is the slow deterioration of the team Parcells but together. I am also sure Wade Phillips left the team laughing all the way to the bank. Wade knew it wasn’t him.

  • Kelsco

    As a former football player that played with great pride and a lot of emotion I would like to inquire about Rick Gosselin’s football resume, what would he know about the game and the heart it takes to play with every fiber of your body and soul other than being a spectator. Those that can do those that can’t write and talk about it!

    • Kimmy

      I just hope that you had the class to shake the other team’s hand in a loss as well as a win.

    • Ed

      As a former player perhaps you should ask his 39 teammates how they felt about him abandoning them. Selfish? yes. Spoiled? yes. Entitled? no way.

  • No Garrett wanted to run the ball with the option to pass.
    Garrett sshould have said no passing, just Run.
    Romo should have known better.
    Well Garrett needs to stand up to JJ.
    If He get’s fired so be it , I’m sure He can
    find work in the NFL.
    He is gone if He does not win His last 2 games.
    And JJ needs to quit as General manager.
    I do not care if He is the owner.
    As for Dez Aikman and Staubach would have loved to have
    had a WR like Him .

  • Lenard Anders Jr

    Dez got heart, most misunderstood player in the NFL, every writer wants to talk about Dez, player get busted for PFD, DUI. In the end DEZ will get the last laugh on all you busters. Keep catching them TD’s DEZ will love you………Lp.

  • Wags33

    The Real Truth of the matter here is (as long as we as “COWBOYS” fans are planning to accomplish what we preach, and actually stand up to Jerry Jones): that Dez Bryant did EXACTLY what we should ALL be doing!!! Just Walk Away until P.T. Barnum realizes we’re no longer buying what he’s selling!!! Otherwise we’re just like the puppet coaches he hires!!!


    It’s amazing how all the attention focus on Dez when the real problem is far bigger.
    It’s “classless and immature” when Rick Gosselin call out one player and not the team.
    It’s “classless and immature” when Romo checks out of plays to try to be the hero, It’s “classless and immature” when you have coaches trying to out do one another,
    It’s “classless and immature” when we as fans, me included continue to cheer for a our team with promises to be better year after year but barely get to 500. It’s “classless and immature” when you have a owner that want realize that he needs to sit down, hire a GM and a Coach to run the team the way it needs to be ran.
    I never played on the big stage but being that I played the game, know one knows the heart of a champion. There are guys on the streets that will approach the game with more fire that what our team is showing. I don’t falt Dez for walking off, was it right, no! But for Rick to call him out as being “classless and immature” that is “classless and immature”, Rick.

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