Charles Barkley: Lions have ‘no clue’ how to play football

As if we didn’t already know, Charles Barkley has confirmed the Lions are, in fact, turrible.

Appearing on “The Rich Eisen Podcast” this week, the highly-opinionated NBA Hall of Famer said the Lions have “no clue” how to play football.

“The Detroit Lions would be the perfect example of a team that’s got a bunch of talent that don’t have no clue, any clue, how to play football,” Barkley said, via

Barkley continued his assessment, drawing comparisons to NBA teams that have all the parts but can’t put it together.

“In the NBA I could go over a bunch of teams like that — who have a bunch of talent but they are never going to win,” Barkley said. “But when I watch that Detroit Lions team play, I’m like ‘Wow, man they got a lot of talent, but they have no idea how to play football.’ And it’s frustrating to watch because I’m a fan. I’m a fan. I want to see greatness. Anytime I watch sports I want to see greatness.”

Detroit’s late-season meltdown was well-documented; they lost five of their last six games and were eliminated from playoff contention. The epic collapse cost head coach Jim Schwartz and his staff their jobs — rightfully so considering the squad’s dearth of talent.

Hopefully the next regime gives Barkley a reason to change his stance.

(Photo credit: Shanna Lockwood / USA Today Sports)

Zack Kelberman
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  • frustratedlionsfan

    Not until the ownership changes. Waiting since 1957.

  • WheresBarry

    I don’t normally agree with Sir Charles but when I do….he is bashing the Lowly Detroit Lions. Problems start at the top of the Org chart.
    Pathetic franchise. Losing culture deeply engrained in the system. How the Ford family sits atop a stadium named in their honor, week after week and watch things start out bad and go downhill, is beyond me. Must be a “Pride” thing??

  • Sandy Radcliffe

    I hate to say it, but Charles is right!! This season was almost handed to them and they STILL LOST….DUH!