Matthew Stafford: ‘I’ll be a part’ of Lions’ coach search

The Lions’ next head coach may need the green light from Matthew Stafford.

After sitting down with Jim Caldwell during his interview last week, Detroit’s franchise quarterback confirmed he’ll be “a part” of the process to find Jim Schwartz’s successor.

“It’s something, however much they ask me to be a part of it, I’ll be a part of it,” Stafford told WJR-AM on Monday. “I’m not knocking on the door. They asked me to sit in on that one, and as more and more interviews happen, whether I’m in town to sit with them and talk or whether we talk on the phone. I’m sure I’ll have some involvement in that process.”

Stafford described the time with Caldwell, the Ravens’ offensive coordinator, as a general meeting of the minds.

“Honestly, it was just he and I sitting down and talking. He told me he watched basically every play of our season. He picked my brain about our team, and I picked his about his philosophy in coaching and all that kind of stuff.”

Stafford touched on several topics with Caldwell, but nothing related to his mechanics, which came under fire in the midst of the Lions’ late-season implosion.

Following the failed experiment with Schwartz, whose background was defense, the club is smartly seeking an offensive mind, similar to what the Bears did last year going from Lovie Smith to Marc Trestman. Perhaps not coincidentally, Trestman met with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler when he was interviewed.

Among the potential finalists for the Lions’ job is Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, who re-morphed Philip Rivers into a Pro Bowl signal-caller this season. Stafford would be wise to give the A-ok to Whisenhunt, as it could be just what he needs to take his game — and the team — to the next level.

Zack Kelberman
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  • Doug Steele

    I had hope for this kid. Now I see he’s killing my Leo’s

  • Tom

    I like Caldwell the best for the job. He worked with Peyton and made him a Top 5 qb of all time. Whisenhunt is good, but never has had a qb besides Warner to work with.

  • Tim Flinchum

    Stafford is still failing to except his part in the failure, his mechanics suck and everybody on the planet knows it but Stafford.