Packers survey fans to find out why playoff tickets didn’t sell

In almost unfathomable fashion given their legendary fanbase, the Packers came this close to having their recent Wild Card game against the 49ers blacked out on local television.

This unusual occurrence put the team in fact-finding mode.

According to, the Packers sent out surveys to fans on Tuesday seeking to discover why they didn’t purchase playoff tickets. There were a reported 40,000 tickets left to sell prior to the game, much of which were bought out by local sponsors and TV stations scrambling to avoid a blackout.

The surveys were sent to both season-ticket holders and the 100,000 people parked on the club’s waiting list, asking why they opted not to make the leap to Lambeau.

To answer that all-important question, choices included cost of tickets, playoff fatigue, quality of TV broadcast and the weather forecast. You may recall that the temperature dipped well below zero during the game, which the Packers lost 23-20.

It’s unclear what exactly “playoff fatigue” is, but you can probably cross that off the list. Packers fans are as diehard as they come and surely aren’t a bunch to get spoiled by success.

The rest of the choices, however, make the most sense. Ticket prices are higher than ever, and season-ticket holders were required to pay up front. It was simply much cheaper — not to mention warmer — for Cheeseheads to sit in front of their big screens, with fuller wallets and the end result the same.

(Photo credit: Reuters/Jeff Haynes)

Zack Kelberman
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  • James Bradley

    Weather was probably a factor, but something else was a bigger factor. Green Bay isn’t very good. They were barely a .500 team with a healthy Aaron Rodgers at QB, slightly under that mark without him. Basically, regardless of who the QB was, the defense was bad, the WR inconsistent, and although the running game was much improved from previous years it wasn’t enough to carry the team in a close game and mask their other deficiencies. In the end, fans weren’t enthusiastic about braving the cold to see this very average to below average team get beat by a superior opponent.

  • Big Chimp

    Every year prior to this year, season ticket holders were given the option of getting their playoff money returned if the Pack didn’t make the playoffs. This was the first year that the money you put down for the playoff tickets was to be kept by the Packers if the playoffs were missed and then applied to next years season ticket bill. Many didn’t think the Pack would make the playoffs and didn’t want their money tied up as a free loan to the Pack until next fall. That’s why so many didn’t buy their playoff tickets this year.