Nancy Pelosi loves Kaepernick’s ‘big arms,’ ‘tattoos’ (Video)

Colin Kaepernick has admirers in high places.

During a Thursday press conference, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi segued from various political issues to the topic of Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the 49ers and Seahawks. Pelosi is openly rooting for the Niners, but it’s Kaepernick who garners her full attention.

“We love our quarterback, the tattoos, the big arms, the whole deal,” she said while flexing.

Kaep was never referred to by name, but that description definitely fits the bill.

Other Pelosi (and NFL)-related takeaways from the presser, in case you skipped the video:

  • She is rocking a 49ers charm bracelet.
  • She thought Joe Montana wore No. 14.
  • She praised San Fran for their Divisional Round win over “North Carolina” and implied the team will be playing the Redskins in the NFC title game (she would correct herself to say Seattle).
  • She and representatives from Washington have wagered chocolate on the result of Sunday’s game.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

[Hat tip to For The Win for the story and photo.]

Zack Kelberman
An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. He's also a freelance NFL writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of Helmet2Helmet. His work has appeared on media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports,,, and Zack can be reached on Twitter (@ZackKelberman) or via email (
  • Chuck Schick

    Does she know those “big arms” are known as GUNS ?

  • Jerry

    If I were Kaep I would 1st win the SB then cut off both my arms for fear that the source of the “compliment” would infect the rest of my body and mind!

  • CDR

    Oh, oh. Watch out… Cougar alert.


  • ibgolfr

    Palosi would get wet looking at Queequeg,

    • Wictor Hood

      In spite of the typo of Pelosi’s name, this is, without a doubt, the funniest comment yet in this millennium.