Tucker, Gostkowski speak out against eliminating extra point

Roger Goodell’s recent proposal to eliminate the extra point has conjured up negative reactions in a pair of Pro Bowl kickers — the Ravens’ Justin Tucker and Patriots’ Stephen Gostkowski.

Simply put, they aren’t fans of change.

“For what it’s worth, I like the extra point,” Tucker said Thursday, via NFL.com. “I like doing my job and I think it’s one of those things in the game that sometimes is taken for granted.”

Tucker doesn’t believe the success rate of extra point attempts — 99.1 percent since 2004 — is a legitimate reason to alter the game.

“Sure there is a high success rate,” he said. “There is also a high success rate at the end of the game when a guy is taking a knee. You got to snap the ball. You fumble the snap that makes it a completely different game.”

“… You look at these quarterbacks throwing for four and five thousand yards a season and they are getting increasingly efficient, but we aren’t going to tell the receivers to stop wearing gloves. In my opinion it is the same principle. That is my two cents.”

Gostkowski, who set the then-NFL record in 2007 for most PATs in a season (74), shared a similar sentiment: Don’t fix what’s not broken.

“If they want to move it back, go ahead, but completely eliminating it would be a terrible, terrible thing,” he said. “It’s such a good game the way it is, I don’t know why we have to go change everything all the time.”

Tucker and Gostkowski’s opinions are duly noted, but the decision will ultimately be up to Goodell and the league’s Competition Committee. If they see fit, the extra point could go the way of the dodo bird.

(Photo credit: Patrick Semansky/AP)

Zack Kelberman
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  • Bob Tyndall

    why don’t they move it back to the 35 yd line. That would makeit a lot more interesting.

    • JayJayJo

      I agree, a 35 yd extra point, or go for 2 from the 2 1/2 line. Doesn’t this seem so easy to fix?

  • Dave

    They need a new commissioner of football … the joke of they can’t spell Goodell without G.O.D has gone to his head … they have already ruined the game by these ridiculous penalties for a DB doing his job and hitting a receiver to knock the ball out … these guys are not forced to play … they want the money and they knew the risk when they signed the dotted line … FIRE GOODELL and bring in someone who will not turn the NFL into a FLAG FOOTBALL GAME !!!!

  • KillerFin

    Goodell is a JOKE!!! Change this change that move the pro bowl that NO ONE watches anymore to BEFORE THE Super Bowl. The super bowl players want a vacation too, then wants to move a team to 3 time zones away he is STUPID… Time for change FIRE YOURSELF GOODELL… you’re making this game for the worst!!!

  • Don Esson

    Re: NFL PAT

    I read an article in the paper the other day (AP I think) that talked about potential rules changes in the NFL for PAT’s.

    Maybe this for an idea. is that if you go for 1 point, the ensuing kick-off must occur from the 20 yard line. If you go for 2 (make or not), you kick off from the 35.

    This changes the overall strategy and brings more excitement to kick-offs and special teams. If a team plays it safe, it could result in a big return. It would add excitement to all of special teams. It could also turn football squares and point spreads into cardiac arrest. Imagine the thought that would go into it if you’re down two scores and you need an on-side kick?

  • Terry Cook

    Why don’t you ask the best in the league, Matt Prater from Denver! I can’t believe with this kids record he did not get the All Pro designation. So many say he has the advantage of the altitude in Denver, but he was also nearly perfect in away games. Other kickers come to Denver. I would like to see their combined success ratio compared to Matt’s. Wake up and recognize the best!!! This probably cost him $1M over three years and I guarntee he will be around longer than any of the one who won the reward this year or last. Strongest leg in the league!. Matt I hope you get the ring and the extra point stays in the game because they are automatic for you. Wish you were a Steeler!!!!! The father of Cook in FM. Send your parents tickets for the super Bowl!