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Yeah, he went there.

Jay Glazer teased Tim Tebow about his virginity

On Monday, GQ unleashed its newest profile, a highly interesting piece on FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer. For those who’ve followed him closely, it’s really a must-read, as there are fascinating tidbits and entertaining anecdotes scattered throughout the article.

One such anecdote that caught my eye involved some guy named Tim Tebow, whom Glazer recently met for the first time.

True to his nature, Glazer — who’ll sooner refer to you as “jerky boy” or “slap nuts” rather than your actual name — had a colorful (and utterly personal) exchange with the star-crossed quarterback.

Here’s the excerpt from the profile:

The first time he met Tim Tebow—just recently, during a night out in Los Angeles—he teased him about his chastity.

“I said to Tebow, ‘You coming out to the club?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ I said, ‘When you come, you’re the bait. You’re a virgin, dude. You’re not hooking up with anybody, so you’re the bait. You sit right up there, and when all the girls come over, they’re all for me.’ ”

Later that night, Glazer sent Tebow a text that read Jay Glazer: Nonvirgin! Then he shows me what Tebow texted back:

Tim Tebow: Nonreporter!

Kudos to Tebow for taking the ribbing in stride; his virginity is well-documented and he doesn’t seem to get offended easily, if at all. However, the mere thought of him playing wingman for Glazer conjures up quite the mental picture. I imagine something straight out of A Night At the Roxbury.

Only, you know, funnier.

(Photo credit: Zuma Press/Icon SMI)

  • Mike

    Jay Glazer is annoying, as hell.
    every time a subway commercial comes on and they show different athletes then they show Glazer my kid always would ask, whos the old guy.

    • Vermin_Cain

      Sometimes, I think he makes up those anonymous sources.

  • JFTR

    Glazer’s a wannabe. A Jock-sniffer.

  • Steve Ryan

    Who is Jay Grazer?

  • Surfmex

    Glazer sounds like an asshole. Why would Tebow give him the time of day? Probably, to minister to Glazer and help him out a little.

  • MERE


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