Nick Folk: Eliminating extra point would be a ‘disservice’

There’s been no shortage of kickers who’ve spoken out in protest of Roger Goodell’s proposal to eighty-six the extra point.

Nick Folk is the latest.

“That’s going to take away something from [kickers],” Folk said in a phone interview with the Star-Ledger. “It’s been a part of the game for so long. And I think that it would be a disservice to take it away.”

A seven-year veteran, Folk has connected on all 269 extra point attempts with the Cowboys and Jets. His success rate only adds to Goodell’s argument that the “play” offers no excitement to the game.

But, as Folk brings up, neither does a quarterback kneel at the end of a half or in victory formation.

“Are they going to take that away, too?” Folk wondered. “That’s a pretty boring part, and [it sometimes happens] with two minutes left in a game. Teams can play to win, especially if you’re down three or up three or up four. Make them run a couple of plays. If you want to make the game more exciting, then take away the kneeling of the football. So now the quarterback has to run backwards and take that five-yard sack, but, hey, the quarterback’s still got to run.”

If the extra point would were to be nixed, Goodell mentioned an alternative in which all touchdowns were worth seven points. A team could then go for a conventional two-point conversion try to make it worth eight points. If the try failed, however, the TD would only be worth six.

Folk believes it’d set a negative precedent.

“The high schools and colleges kind of follow the lead from the NFL,” Folk said. “Are you going to take away a high school kid’s opportunity to play in college, or a college kid’s opportunity to play in the NFL because you’re taking away extra points from them, too?

Fortunately for Folk (and the rest of his placekicking peers), the proposal, as of now, is just that — an idea birthed by a brainstorm. To go into effect, it’d first have to be approved by the league’s Competition Committee, which is hardly a sure thing.

Nevertheless, Folk is adamant about avoiding change for change’s sake.

“I know it’s a successful thing, but so is throwing for 5,000 yards now,” he said. “Nobody could do it a long time ago, and now, shoot, there’s five or six guys doing it a year. Are they going eliminate the forward pass again?”

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