Homeless man refuses free flip-flops due to Chargers logo

Sports allegiance runs deep, even for those with next to nothing to their name.

Chris Smith of the Press Democrat recently shared a story about how a homeless California man dissed the Chargers in spectacular fashion.

Emphasis on “fashion.”

The tale began when Santa Rosa restaurateur and Chargers fan Stephen Felando noticed the shoeless man hovering near the door of his Joey’s Pizza, evidently hungry. In an act of kindness, Felando treated the man to sandwiches and salads.

After chowing down, the man told Felando, “I’m headed to Mars and today I’ve got to get over Calistoga Mountain.”

It was then that Felando noticed the man had no shoes and thin socks. He asked the man, “How are [you] going to get over Calistoga Mountain without shoes?”

The man said he’d get by despite his lack of footwear. Felando, still feeling charitable, offered the flip-flops he was wearing in the hopes they’d provide the man with some sort of comfort.

But there was one problem: They were Chargers flip-flops. This caused an issue.

“Are these Chargers flip-flops?” the man asked.

Felando nodded and told the man he was a fan of the team. What happened next left Felando in disbelief.

“I’m good,” the man said, handing him back the flip-flops before walking off in his socks.

Felando stood open-mouthed and only had one thought, “Wow, a new low as a Chargers fan!”

The moral of the story, kids? Go shoeless before ever, under any dire circumstance, donning a rival team’s gear.

[Photo credit: Press Democrat] [H/T Bleacher Report]

Zack Kelberman
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