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To Martin, the Jets represent a Game of Groans.

George R.R. Martin rips Jets, denounces his fandom

To George R.R. Martin, the Jets represent a Game of Groans.

The famed author and longtime sufferer fan of Gang Green recently took to his LiveJournal blog to speak out against the team’s offseason activity — and lack thereof.

In an entry from March 22 titled, “Oh, My Poor Jets,” Martin began his diatribe by touching on Antonio Cromartie’s departure from New York and Darrelle Revis‘ arrival in New England. (You may recall Martin bashing the Jets last year after they shipped Revis to the Buccaneers.)

“Letting Antonio Cromartie leave was a mistake.  Not going after Darrelle Revis when Tampa Bay cut him loose was a worse mistake.  Letting him get picked up by Evil Little Bill and the Patriots was the worst mistake of all,” Martin wrote.

Martin moved on to the Jets’ biggest offseason acquisition — wide receiver Eric Decker, which he admitted was “not a bad move.” Martin, however, doesn’t think the club is getting the same Decker we saw in Denver.

“Unfortunately for Gang Green, he does not get the bring Peyton with him to New York, which means that he is going to go back to being a good, solid receiver again this year, but nothing special.  And maybe a notch below that, since he will have Geno throwing to him,” he wrote.

And when Decker and the Jets take on Revis and the Pats this season …

“Odds are good that in those two games, Revis will catch more of Geno’s balls than Decker does.”

Evidently, Martin is not Geno Smith’s biggest fan, but he did have kinder words for Mark Sanchez, whom the Jets released last week. He said cutting Sanchez was a mistake, and that, given a fair competition, the veteran would have beaten out Smith for the starting quarterback job.

“I have seen nothing from Geno Smith to make me think he’s better than Sanchez,” Martin said.

Martin also gave his two cents on Michael Vick, a Jets addition that — surprise! — he’s not a fan of.

“I have been rooting for the Jets since they were the Titans, but I don’t know that I can bring myself to root for Michael Vick,” he wrote.

In the ultimate indignity to fellow Jets fans, Martin closed by saying he’s switching allegiances to that other Big Apple team.

“All in all, considering what the Jets have done this pre-season, I have only two words: GO GIANTS!” he wrote.

Winter isn’t coming, but you can bet a few angry responses are.

  • azjetsfan

    I agree with the points that George has made about the decisions the Jets have made this off season. Especially with what he had to say about Sanchez. Sanchez is a much better QB than Smith will ever be. I have already predicted that this will be Smith’s last season with the Jets after he ruins any chances of the Jets making the post season. Smith is horrible. As for Cromartie’s departure and not going after Revis, That’s typical NY Jets not making smart decisions like always. Think about it. We’re talking about the same team that brought in Favre and Tebow. Another couple of great decisions made by the JETS. NOT!!! The bottom line is if there is a decision to be made that makes absolutely no sense at all just leave it to the Jets to do it. With that being said, George I feel your pain but to jump ship and side with that other team is just wrong!! I don’t care how dumb or stupid that the decisions made by the Jets are I bleed green and I will always bleed green. George I guess in the end you never bled green!! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!! **AZJETSFAN**

    • Ike smith

      Sanchez is not better than smith. Sanchez lost his heart before the butt fumble so please stop that glad he’s gone and take you fake ass jets fans with you. We haven’t won in years and fake jets fans. Wake up. Damn Sanchez. Bring on the winning

      • azjetsfan

        If you really believe Smith is better than Sanchez then you obviously have no clue. Sanchez never lost his heart. He lost an O-line that could protect him, Another thing bright one, losing for years? Didn’t Sanchez take the Jets to the AFC Championship game 4 and 5 years ago? Your precious Smith didn’t even come close to making the post season. Which he probably won’t get us there again this season. So why don’t you go and buy a clue so you’ll realize Smith is a joke!!!!!!!!! **AZJETSFAN**

  • Mikala Catteran

    As a Bills fan, the only thing more enjoyable than Jets meltdown is a Brady meltdown. Watching Rex Ryan’s blank stare on the sidelines as the Jets are getting pummeled on the field is priceless. Jets fans need to get over Revis though, he was a selfish type that put his own paycheck over his team on several occasions, Dumping him was the only thing they’ve done right. Tampa realized that, see how long he lasts with Belicheat. He’ll be pouting and crossing his arms before training camp ends.

    • cousinrk

      Mikala would you like to compare the recent histories of our franchises? For someone who’s a Bills fan you shouldn’t say a word about another team. Your team hasn’t made the playoffs since the 90′s. The last 16 years he jets have 7 playoff appearances and 3 ttile appearances, what does your team have to show for it? So before you talk about all the things the Jets have done wrong take a look in the mirror my friend.

      • Mikala Catteran

        Right,…. so am I supposed to love the division rivals that made that happen? You don’t have to quote stats, I know what they are, that’s what makes the Jet meltdown enjoyable. A Belicheat meltdown would be even better. Just because my team has been the doormat doesn’t mean I can’t have fun watching the Jets suck with us. Watch the Bills pass the jets this season with their poor QB’s. Jets fans enjoyed our fall from the top in the early 2000′s. It’s part of the game.

  • Howard Buchman

    Any person who changes their allegiance to another team was never a fan of the original team in the first place. I respect Mr. Martin, and his decision to go blue is up to him. I only hope that when the Jets finally do win, he won’t disavow his new found fandom of the Giants.

  • http://www.perfectlyplausible.com/ Iain Bartholomew

    George isn’t switching allegiances, he has always rooted for both the Jets and the Giants, but sure and don’t let that get in the way of a sensational headline.

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  • Gastineau99

    George RR Who?? Guy hates everything they do… so what. Yeah they should have kept Sanchez, great call dumbo. That was the biggest no brainer of all of them. And why waste money on a “Great” receiver when you don’t know if you have a QB that can get him the ball yet. See Larry Fitzgerald in AZ prior to Palmer. No point in having a stud if you have a QB who is only going to get him the ball 50-60 times anyway.

  • JoeDog

    I’m with him on Vick. I don’t know how I can support that psychopath. Unfortunately, I’ve got a much deeper stake then George here. I’m a season ticket holder with a PSL. Hopefully, they’ll do reasonably well on the open market.

  • Brian Serviss

    lol yes because the Giants will just have such a better season this year. This guy is a clown

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