LaMarr Woodley ‘definitely’ sees Raiders as playoff team

In his first season with the team, LaMarr Woodley believes the Raiders will accomplish something it’s failed at for the last 11 seasons.

Make the playoffs.

“I can definitely see us as a playoff team,” Woodley told KGMZ-FM on Tuesday, via “Last year going back and watching some film on the Raiders, there were a lot of opportunities here where they just didn’t close it out. Some games good in the first half, they just didn’t close it out at the end of the game. So now we just have to learn how to close out games and it’ll be more wins than losses.”

Oakland finished 4-12 in 2013, largely in part to a depleted and inexperienced roster. General manager Reggie McKenzie, taking a page out of Daniel Snyder’s playbook, aggressively infused veteran talent this offseason, signing Woodley, Justin Tuck, Maurice Jones-Drew, Carlos Rogers, and acquiring Matt Schaub in a trade with the Texans.

Schaub, in particular, was an important pickup, as the Raiders suffered through inconsistency at the game’s most important position.

“(The veterans) didn’t come here just because, oh, we are just trying to get a few more years in in the NFL. No, we come here to win and help play a role to take this team further,” Woodley said.

It’s a drastic change for Woodley, the former Steelers linebacker of sevens seasons, who’s transitioning from the penthouse to the outhouse. If — and it’s a big if — the Raiders are to finally escape the AFC West basement, they’ll need all of the new moving pieces to gel together in a hurry.

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Zack Kelberman
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  • Dah Bone

    woodley must have his chinstrap on too tight–squeezin’ his noggin to nutty. with dennis allen as coach, those games he saw them lose in second half when winning first–well, get used to it, big fella. until they get a new coach… you will lose games you should have could have and WOULD HAVE won with a better coach–oh–and get used to being blamed. HOORAY FOR PRYOR!!!!! he got with a good coach–and away from the Raider Excuse-Man Nightmare… while all was wrong with bringing in Palmer—well, look at him, now… same with Flynn—and pryor was said to be the worst at completing passes…and yet, his pass completion percentage–not great, agreed… but BETTER than McGloin’s… (look it up)… and better than many Raider former QB’s who are celebrated…AND…this kid will only get better with a better coach… Mcgloin’s prayer-passes will not hold up… and his interceptions? unless Calvin Johnson comes… you’re gonna see plenty if something happens to Shy-aub…and McPrayer’s’s next up. Those of you who dogged Pryor in favor of McGloin… watch Pryor now! Better coach…better players. Better coach…better team. to be honest… i don’t dislike Dennis Allen as a person… i resent that he got a pass for 2 years running with 4 win seasons when the fellas before him BOTH got fired with 8 wins… and i would probably even cut some slack to Allen IF…he didn’t blame players… and change his words to fit keeping his job… and i think Pryor’s agent WAS onto something… but here’s hoping prod comes back and runs all over my Raiders… and then, maybe, finally… Dennis Allen will get some of his own medicine… be sent elsewhere… FINALLY–running out of excuses and blame–and stuck with the truth of his ineptitude…

  • Rudy

    anything can happen, even for the sorriest teams in the NFL. I have been a loyal fan of the Raiders for over 40 years and have seen them lose some god awful ugly games , but who hasn’t? always remember, its the players on the field making the plays, not the coaches! with that being said , I don’t know what my man Al Davis was thinking when he hired Tom Cable! A losing record of 11and 55 in college—–not a good call. sometimes I think some of us loyal fans no matter what team they back would make better coaches than the coaches on the field. It takes years and hard work to get all players and coaches on the same page, the page of WINNING! keep the same players as long as you can and recruit others and mold them to be champions, not stuck up little bitches looking for mama in the stands wondering if she wants the football! go to work and have fun at your job that millions of us pay our hard earn money to watch you at your best skills. the skills of mastering a craft and becoming a true champion with your team at hand! when you become a champion , then you can hand mama the ball!—————-Rudy——-peace!