Jets safety Josh Bush: I’m the LeBron James of bowling

Rex Ryan had a surprise in store for the Jets Thursday, foregoing a fourth-consecutive day of OTA practices to take the entire team bowling.

Chemistry-building activities are nothing new to Ryan, who in the past has treated his squad to impromptu movie screenings, games of paintball, and visits from the military.

Bowling, however, is something he sees a lot of value in.

“It’s an activity that’s a lot of fun and yet it’s humbling, something that everybody can do but nobody’s very good at it,” Ryan said, via the Jets’ official website.

Humbling to everyone, it seems, except Josh Bush. The third-year safety rolled a team-high 204, which spawned a great, self-serving quote.

“When it comes to bowling, I’m like LeBron James,” Bush said. “Everyone wants to try to knock me off my pedestal.”

His defensive mates aren’t sure the analogy fits.

“Josh is pretty good, but I don’t know about LeBron,” cornerback Kyle Wilson said. “But he’s probably one of the best we’ve got.”

Just come right out and say it, Kyle: In no way should Bush ever compare himself to The King. Bowling and basketball? Not exactly apples and oranges.

Alas, though, Bush’s strikes and spares earned him bragging rights that can’t be taken away from him.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Ryan’s score …

“I was able to keep my ‘man card’ by breaking 100,” Ryan said. “I had 120 or something. But I was in danger. I had 41 after five frames and had to mark in the last three frames to break 100.”

The Chris Bosh of bowling? OK, I’ll stop.

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