Steve Smith, Joe Flacco using Starbucks to build rapport

In Carolina, Steve Smith told Aqib Talib to “ice up, son.” In Baltimore, he’s telling Joe Flacco, “iced coffee, son.”

Buried at the bottom of Peter King’s latest MMQB column is an interesting nugget about how Smith and Flacco are developing chemistry in training camp.

Take it away, Peter …

They wager $25 Starbucks cards when they disagree on on-field reads they have made. Case in point: Smith and Flacco viewed one adjusted Smith route differently, causing an errant throw; Smith said he was reading a Cover-2 alignment by the defense. Flacco said it was Cover-3. They went to the videotape. Flacco was right. They saw on video two corners covering the deep third of either side of the field, with the free safety dropping to cover the deep middle.

Thus far, King says, Flacco is up, two cards to one, with Smith paying up the next day.

Is it unconventional? Sure. But Smith — who enters the season locked in as the Ravens’ No. 2 wideout — will be heavily depended on for his crafty, veteran talents. Getting on the same page as his quarterback is crucial to Baltimore’s offensive success.

Though, if Smith really wants to win Flacco’s heart, he should swing by the golden arches.

(Photo credit: Baltimore Ravens) (Hat tip: Baltimore Sun)

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