Bengals blast Jets for using ‘garbage’ blitz tactics

During Saturday’s preseason contest, Rex Ryan threw the kitchen sink at the Bengals, dialing up a wide array of blitzes designed to harass the quarterback.

You could say Gang Green’s pass-rush was fierce. The Bengals think it was merely rubbish.

“Notice he didn’t bring that stuff when our starters were out there,” Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander said, via “We’d have scored quicker. If he wants to put his starting defense out there and blitz all that garbage against our third-stringers, if he feels good about it, then all the power to him.”

Bengals third-string quarterback Matt Scott took the brunt of Ryan’s wrath, absorbing hard hits from New York’s first-team defense. Scott entered the game after starter Andy Dalton spent his limited playing time exploiting the Jets’ overmatched secondary.

That the Jets were more conservative against Dalton was no coincidence, according to Bengals backup QB Jason Campbell.

“They don’t want to create that one-on-one matchup (with Green),” Campbell said. “The one blitz they did bring (against the first-stringers) Andy caught A.J. in the slot and got 21 yards, and you didn’t see it again.”

Campbell, declared inactive for the game, was spared of Ryan’s ballyhooed blitz packages, which he dubbed “extreme.”

“Some of it was a little extreme,” said Campbell. “I remember back in the day, preseason games you didn’t see any blitzes. Everyone was so vanilla all the way to the regular season. Now it’s a different day and age and teams really just throw it all out there.”

The Jets played to — and past — the whistle, accumulating six personal foul penalties in a 25-17 win that counted for nothing but pride. They succeeded in avenging last season’s embarrassing 49-9 loss to the Bengals, but evidently didn’t make any friends in the process.

(Photo credit: AP/Tom Uhlman)

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  • Johnnylogic

    You don’t “avenge” a regular season loss the following PRESEASON. Let me book Merck this ass clown site so as to never visit thus douchbaggery again.

  • Paul Barsalou

    If Rex Ryan Cant get above 8-8 he;s toast ..Shouldn’t be head coach

  • sillylibits

    i second what johnny said. preseason is the only season where at the end; rex ryan is a winner.
    and that means absolutely nothing.