Alex Smith on new contract: ‘Everybody wants a loan’

The four-year, $68 million contract extension Alex Smith inked on Sunday — which included $45 million in guarantees — made him a rich(er) man.

And a butt of jokes.

The Chiefs’ veteran quarterback told the Kansas City Star that he’s endured barbs from teammates over his new pact.

“Oh yeah, that’s part of the deal,” Smith said. “You better be ready to wear it when you walk in. Everybody (gets on you), the whole team.”

What sort of barbs, you ask?

“Well, everybody wants a loan. They want to borrow some money,” Smith recalled with a chuckle. “(I’m paying for) lots of dinners, you’re hearing that. … (They’re saying) no one’s going to pick up the check again with me.

“There are already plans of making my locker into ‘The Bank of Alex. They’re putting a little ATM machine up in my locker.”

It’s understandable that Smith’s comrades, many of whom won’t sniff similar riches, are giving him a hard time. If you had to watch a coworker rake in $30 million for a year’s work, you’d feel a little envious, too.

But, as Chiefs coach Andy Reid explained, there’s a big difference between jest and jealousy. This wasn’t a case of the latter.

“All of the players were fired up for him,” Reid said. “Sometimes you don’t see that on teams. Guy does a big deal, and you have jealousies here and there. But that’s not the way this crew was.”

The Chiefs decided to re-do Smith’s deal after his sterling 2013 campaign, arguably the best season of his career. Leading the team to an 11-5 record, Smith passed for 3,313 yards and 23 touchdowns, and rushed for 431 yards — all personal bests.

Bottom line: It pays to be a successful NFL quarterback.

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