Brian Hoyer wants LeBron James on Browns bandwagon

The Browns’ bandwagon is beginning to fill up after a 3-2 start to the season. And its leader wants LeBron James to grab a seat on board.

“Hopefully, we can bring him around to it,” Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer said, per USA Today.

Unbeknownst to some, James is a noted diehard Cowboys fan. He, in fact, posted a picture on his Instagram account Monday of him decked out in Big D gear, celebrating the team’s 5-1 record.

But Hoyer, who grew up near Cleveland, has something in common with James — Ohio. As you might have heard, James, a native of Akron, returned to the Cavaliers this offseason. That he came home is enough reason to get behind the Browns, Hoyer says.

“He’s a year older than me, the Browns left when he was a kid, too,” said Hoyer, referring to the Browns’ move to Baltimore in 1995. “You have to cheer for someone.”

James is unlikely to swap hats so quickly, as Dallas may be a better bet to make the playoffs this year. If anyone spurred a change of heart, though, it’d probably be the Browns’ other quarterback …

(Photo credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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