Dolphins LB brings kid from stands to field before each game

Chris McCain’s dreams came true when he, an undrafted free agent, cracked the Dolphins’ active roster.

Now, given the opportunity, he’s paying it forward.

Per the team’s official website, the rookie linebacker picks out a kid from the stands and brings them onto the field prior to each home game. The lucky young Dolfan gets a tour of the gridiron, sidelines, and an opportunity to chat with players live in the flesh.

For McCain, who never attended an NFL game as a child, it’s an immense sense of gratification.

“I just always wanted to be able to go to a game,” he said. “Just try to give back. It’s just something they’ll be able to remember for the rest of their lives. Impact them as much as I can. I love kids. Kids are my weakness. Whatever I can do to send a smile, I’ll do it.”

The child of McCain’s choosing is sent back to the stands before kickoff, but not without receiving a few parting gifts — a pair of gloves and the chance to meet their favorite player.

Though all likely react the same — awestruck and jubilant — one kid he met in Week 6 left an unforgettable impression on McCain.

“He had a pretty cool reaction,” McCain said. “He was smiling, like, oh, yeah. It was just him and his dad sitting beside each other; he couldn’t believe it at first, looked up at his dad. And his dad was like, yeah, go ahead and he ran down, came onto the field. He was like imitating throwing balls and pointing up at the sky, talking about punters how they punt the ball real high. We were just talking. He was talking like he was warming up also for the game. It was pretty cool. It was neat.”

It may be a little cliche to say, but the NFL could use more Chris McCains. Bravo, sir.

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