Peyton Manning wants to ‘hold all records’ before retiring

Prior to the season, Peyton Manning elicited a few chuckles when he said he’ll play until he sucks — a sentiment first uttered by arch nemesis (and fellow old man) Tom Brady.

Now, it seems, the Broncos’ Hall of Fame quarterback would rather go out on top.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that Manning wants to “hold all records” before he retires. As such, the Broncos “expect” and are “planning” on him playing “at least” one more season.

At his torrid pace, the 38-year-old Manning needs another year to set the NFL’s all-time record for quarterback wins and passing yards. Though Denver is counting on it happening, there’s one scenario in which Peyton doesn’t return to the Mile High City.

Manning, the game’s most notable perfectionist, would have two Super Bowl wins to his name if the Broncos hoist the Lombardi Trophy in Arizona this February. It’d be tough to imagine him walking away without eclipsing the two aforementioned marks, however.

When Manning has a goal, he typically achieves it. Until he, you know, starts sucking.

Zack Kelberman
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  • WorldWideWaco

    Something EXCEPTIONALLY HISTORIC is about to take place in the NFL that has NEVER been done before and soon will reach such an enormity that it may NEVER even be whiffed at again….EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    As soon as Manning has a +6 TD to INT differential in the next few games he will achieve a SINGULAR ACHIEVEMENT OF HISTORIC PROPORTIONS:


    To put that in perspective JOHN ELWAY the Hall Of Fame first ballot multiple Super Bowl winning & Super Bowl MVP QB of the BRONCOS is currently the #7 ALL TIME LEADER in CAREER TD’s he has 300 TOTAL….so that would be the equivalent of Elway having his HOF career exactly as he did HOWEVAH…without having thrown a SINGLE INT FOR HIS ENTIRE CAREER…think about that and be humbled

    Manning SO MUCH> brady

    My projections have Manning retiring with 600+ TD’s and 400 more TD’s than INT’s for his NFL career…normally I would say awesomeness, however it is high time a new concept entered the english lexicon to capture the ENTIRE essence of this canonical thing herein described and thus I say…manningness!

    The following is demonstrative of the ‘Manningness’ of the ENTIRE CAREER NFL #1 ALL TIME RECORDS broken by Peyton during hs career:


    This is Mannings 16th-year
    #1- NFL’s ONLY five-time MVP
    #1- 13 Pro Bowl selections are the most by QB in NFL
    #1- 7-time First-Team All-Pro QB’s

    #2- 174 Total Wins [Proj 180-181 2014] (Farve #1 186) SBR Wk 8 2015
    #1- 13 Seasons 10+ Wins[10 Seasons 12+ Wins(2/14, 4/13, 4/12)]
    #1- Comebacks 40+
    #1- Game Winning Drives 52
    First QB to beat 31 Different Teams 2007
    One of only two QB’s to beat all 32 Teams (Manning & Favre)

    #1- TD’s 520 (proj end 2014= 50 Ttl)= 542 [58 until 600]
    EARLY IN 2016 SHOULD HAVE 600+ TD’s and should do so easily with 400 TD’s more than INT’s
    #1- MOST TD’s/GM 7T(Luckman, Blanda, Tittle, Kapp, Foles)
    #1- Most TD’s in a Season 55
    #3- 48 Consecutive 1 TD Games CURRENT & ACTIVE (#2 52 Brady, #1 54 Brees- Week 16 2014 can break record & become NFL #1 All Time Leader)
    #1- 90(84 RS 6 PS) 3 TD GMS
    #1- Most Consecutive Seasons 25+ TD’s 16
    ALL 16 Seasons Min 25+ TD’s 9 Seasons 30+ 2(3This) Seasons 40+
    #2- CURRENTLY 15 TD’s 70+ yards(tied with Favre… #1 this past week Rogers with 16)
    #4- 37 Career PS TD’s (#1 J Montana 45)
    Led League in 5 Seasons for total TD’s Thrown

    #1- Season Avg of 342.31 yrds/game
    #1- 5,477 Most Yards in a Season
    #2- 67,098 Total Yards Career [Proj 69 771 2014] (Farve #1 71 838) SBR Wk 7 2015
    #1- Total Yards PS 6,589
    ONLY QB start Career with 13- 3000 yard games(In all 13- 3 700+)
    #1- Manning 13 seasons 4 000 yards passing
    IN TOTAL: ALL 16 seasons consecutive min 3 700+ yards
    #1- 93(84 RS 9 PS) 300 YRD GMS
    #1- 14 400-yard games REG SEASON
    #1- 17 400-yard games total (3 ps)
    #1- 3 T(Brees) 400-yard games/Post Season
    #1- Highest PS Comp% in 400 yrd game(450+ yrds) 81.8% T(Garcia RS)
    #1- 4 400-yard games in a single season 2013
    #1- 5 400-yard games in a single season includ Post Season 2013

    #1- 9 Seasons with 350+ Completions
    #1- 16 games with 80+% Pass Completion Percentage
    #2- CAREER 5,771 CURRENT (#1 Favre 6300) PROJ 2014: 5 957 SBR WK 14 2015 SEASON

    Passer RTNG:
    #1- 121.1 Passer RTNG Complete Season in 2004
    #1- 92 Games with a Passer Rating 105+
    #1- 158.3 RTNG 5 Times (Once in PS Jan 4 2004 – 3 others in PS Meredith, Bradshaw, Krieg)
    #1- Peyton Manning Overall PS Rtng: 145.7(3 games min)
    #2- Completions 5 706 [Proj 5 930 2014] (Farve #1 6 300) SBR Wk 15 2015

    PS yardbarker if your hacks are going to pilfer the fruits of my statistical analysis & research you could at least provide a footnote & link giving credit to the source, yo!

    • Vermin_Cain

      About his playoffs record? Is it still sub 500?

  • Brad Renfro

    Some records he won’t ever get:
    Most Superbowl wins by a QB
    Most Playoff wins by a QB
    Consecutive Games by a QB

    Maybe if he would have focused on Superbowl wins instead of stats and advertising he would have made it happen.

    If you look at the Superbowl and 2 of the last 3 weeks I’d say he sucks right now. However, I am a pissed off Bronco fan who has always thought more of Brady than Manning who looks lost and chokes when you need him most.

    Manning is a great quarterback, but shouldn’t be in the conversation for greatest of all time, not unless you put guys like Fran Tarkenton in that conversation and then I have to question your sanity.