Fans shell out $28.50 to attend Super Bowl Media Day

Say this about the NFL: they’re a brilliant business.

The league’s lucrative model was put on display Tuesday — a.k.a. Super Bowl Media Day — when both teams gathered for the all-day (sometimes weird) Q&A session, ahead of Sunday’s big game between the Patriots and Seahawks.

There was Bill Belichick discussing finger puppets. There was Rob Gronkowski reading erotica and singing Katy Perry. There was Richard Sherman salsa dancing. There were child reporters. There was, for whatever reason, this guy.

And then there were fans — thousands of ordinary NFL fans — who packed the US Airways Center in Phoenix to see the players in person. No, they didn’t get to meet them. Or anything close. They each paid $28.50 for tickets to sit in the stands and watch people interview people.

It doesn’t sound particularly enthralling, but … well, evidently it was, reports

“I’ve never done anything like this,” said Dwight Carroll, a Chicago native who has a second home in Phoenix. “It’s really exciting for me.”

“We can’t get any better,” said Josh Kinyon of Seattle, who is such a big Seahawks fan he had the mascot shaved into one side of his head, the Space Needle on the other. He had parked himself at what would have been midcourt for a Phoenix Suns game. “We’ve got Belichick and Brady right in front of us.”

“It’s crazy,” said Chris Smith. “A lot of media. You see media interviewing media. It’s pretty funny.”

The NFL may have struggled with its image this year, but its popularity remains higher than ever. Unlike Marshawn Lynch, money talks. And it’s saying a lot about America’s favorite pastime.

(Photo credit: AP)

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