Will Adrian Peterson Return To Form?

One of the most talented players in the NFL this past decade has been Adrian Peterson. The running back out of Oklahoma has helped keep Minnesota relevant, and he has also helped millions win their fantasy football league. However, he let everyone down last year when he was indicted on child abuse charges and subsequently suspended for the remainder of the 2014 season after one game. With basically a year to think about things and collect rust, will be bounce back in 2015?

The NFL life has always been rough on running backs. That is why anyone 30 and over is considered ancient at that position. Peterson lost a year of his prime, and will start 2015 at age 29. He had major knee surgery a few years ago, but other than that, he has been durable. There is something to be said though when it comes to having that consistent flow of always playing. He hasn’t really had much time to play with some of the newcomers on Minnesota, including talented quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Most people in fantasy football still see Peterson as a top 5 talent this upcoming season. He is a guy who certainly has a track record, but it will be different for him in 2015. He will need to gain the trust of his teammates and coaches after letting them down last year. Not only that, but he needs to start fighting off Fathertime in general. This could be his last great season as a running back, so the last thing he wants to do is blow it. He might not have a career year, but he will remind people that he is still one of the best in the business at running back.