Winston: Mariota and I like ‘two horses at the race track’

One of the more appealing Opening Day matchups takes place in Tampa Bay, where No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers will square off with the Titans and No. 2 overall pick Marcus Mariota.

Predictably, in the run-up to the game, Winston was asked about the battle of the ballyhooed rookie quarterbacks. Predictably, he was complimentary of Mariota, whom he described as (and literally imitated) a fellow thoroughbred.

What kind of noise did Winston make, you wonder?

That still seems a little unclear. Let’s go to the video for a more definitive take.

Ahh, much better. That does, indeed, sound awfully like a snort. Good call, Jenna. Here’s the full quote:

“When I view Marcus, he’s just a great guy. We don’t really talk that much, but it’s like two horses at the racetrack. When the alpha sees another alpha, they just [snorting noise] and they go on about their business. He’s just a great person and you cant take anything away from him. I’m always smiling and stuff, but he’s just a great guy.

If Vegas is any indication, either alpha-race-track-horse could take the crown on Sunday. The Bucs are mere 2.5-point favorites over Tennessee, according to, with an over-under of 41. So have those bets handy!

(Photo credit: AP)

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