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#3400118 Well I'm off to Dallas...

Posted by Philly Pride on November 30 2012, 10:28 PM

Got tix for the Eagles/Cowboys SNF game. Got them back in the summer so didn't think it would be two shitty teams playing each other, but it should still be a lot of fun, plus I'm doing the Stadium Tour, eating at some good places in Ft. Worth/Dallas, hopefully meet some Eagles players since I'm at their hotel. Let you guys know how it went on Monday!

#3402608 Wes Welker's wife is no fan of Ray Lewis

Posted by SoCal on January 21 2013, 03:26 PM

I saw this story on our main page...wow, talk about a sore loser. Just shut up and blow your husband already.

#3426099 STFU Spike

Posted by BoonDr on March 30 2017, 07:18 PM

I am going to try and put this reply here and hope it goes over well, but I couldn't give 2 shits if it doesn't. 


1: No, Spike doesn't need to "Shut The Fuck Up". His opinion is just as important as yours or mine.


2: Colin Kaepernick is better at being a QB than whoever becomes the 32nd best starting QB in the NFL in 2017. You can't find me any stats that disprove that (hint: you'll find he is AT WORST 20-25 even if you consider recency)


3: Realistically everyone knows businesses, and that is what NFL franchises are, always are trying to play a PR game. Kap is bringing baggage and everyone knows it regardless of where you opine on his political opinions. 


4: Kap is going to put a lot of stress on the PR department of whoever signs him, if anyone does. That is why he hasn't been signed because a bunch of franchises with craptastic QB's would rather deal with craptastic QB's than put a little more money into their PR dept.


5: The true reality is the old adage "Any News is Good News" is an absolute FACT. Case in point being our Pennywise Clown President. The motherfucker was caught on tape openly bragging he sexually assaults women as his pickup move and a bunch of idiots still voted for him.


6: A team like say, the Jaguars, would benefit immensely from signing Kap. Both from the fact he would generate MASSIVE national news in the off season( you could say the Jags have done far better in free agency thus far than the Pats did but nobody is talking about them right now because why? nobody cares about free agency really, people seem to care about a half-decent QB who is a free agent enough to make posts about other peoples opinions on him) AND he is almost definitely better than Bortles has ever been. But they are scared.


7: Once again any news is good news, and if the "bad news" is a half decent QB NFL franchises would be wise to look into it.

#3421901 Most people who dislike Cam Newton are closet douchebag-haters

Posted by FourthStooge on January 20 2016, 11:21 AM

Part of this is a de-evolution of our society that we love tearing down successful people. It is tiring, really. At its basic level, it is a jealousy thing. At some level people believe that those successful at anything achieved it by luck or pulling strings.


Think of it this way: I am just as good as Tom Brady, except for the minor details that he worked harder and longer at his trade than I ever did, he has overcome odds and obstacles along his chosen path that may well have caused me to change directions, most likely has more natural athletic ability than I ever had, is in better shape than I can dream of getting into, has acquired more knowledge in his trade and the ability to read and react to changes quicker than I can (partially because of the fact he has worked harder), etc, etc. Other than those minor facts, consistent with this mindset, we are the same.


Look how they hounded Tiger Woods. And at some level I am sure there is smug satisfaction that he was “brought down.” Truth is, his decline had nothing to do with the constant scrutiny. Anyone that watched his body during a swing early in his career was left asking “I wonder how that will work in 10 or so years when his body isn't fond of flexing and contorting like it is 22 anymore?”


Right now it appears it is done more to black athletes, but that may well be largely because there are more great black athletes in the spotlight than white ones. People hound Brady in the same way. Now the white soccer mom in Tennessee may be more inclined to hound Newton because he is “one of them,” but that is her own personal problem. I know, I know, there is a black mother in her coffee klatch, so it can't be that.


People are awfully full of themselves these days, which Facebook and Twitter have proven. Unfortunately, if they ever look in a mirror with a clear mind, the results won't live up to the hype. It might be down right devastating!  But even then, it will not be their fault.

#3420157 Hey yo, Pops

Posted by Leroy on November 03 2015, 08:44 PM

Not a word of that makes sense or has any for of logic.

If you wish an asinine response keep making asinine comments.


This is Cats' running gag.  Every week before the Panthers play a team, he delivers a wrestling style promo monologue...and if there's a fan of that team on the board, he usually directs it at them.  I'm pretty sure it started with me and every Panthers-Falcons game years back.  He changed the tone of it this week to mesh with your...unique personality. 


Lighten up, Pops...this is one of the best things still going on this board. 

#3416560 So let's talk SB.

Posted by FourthStooge on February 02 2015, 11:15 AM

Here are Tom Brady's Postseason Stats:


29 games 7345 yds 253 yd/gm  52 tds 26 int 62.9 pct 88.74 Rating


And here are Joe Montana's Postseason Stats:


23 games 251 yd/gm 45 td 21 in 62.7 pct 95.6 Rating



The sign of two great quarterbacks, right? Farily similar, save for the QB rating. 



Here are Brady's Super Bowl Stats:


6 games 1605 yds 267 yd/gm 13 tds 4 int 66.4 pct 95.3 Rating



Here are Joe Montana's Super Bowl Stats: 


4 games 1142 yds 286 yd/gm 11 tds Int 68.0 pct 127.8 Rating


And this is where the argument is always going to end. Right here. Who was better when it mattered the most? Brady was great in the Super Bowl. Montana was damn near flawless. This is fact. 


What I am looking forward to in the next couple of weeks is the little bits of bullshit Pats fans will try and pass off as fact. Brady had a lesser supporting cast will be number one. 


Horseshit. Both Brady and Montana had very good to great defenses supporting them when they won.


Yes, for two Super Bowls, Montana had Jerry Rice to play with, and it was GREAT. But he won two Super Bowls before Jerry Rice ever showed up without a single great skill position player to work with. Yes Freddie Solomon and Dwight Clark were very good, as was Roger Craig. You could even make a case that Roger Craig was great at one point, but it wasn't in 1984.


It's going to be awesome to hear Patriots fans say that Brady had NO ONE to play with, while ignoring that he had both Randy Moss and Gronkowski in his career. Amazing, in fact. 


And, yeah, if Montana had Randy Moss and the greatest offense of all time, in today's much more lax passing rules, I'd say there's about a zero chance that they score 14 points in the middle of the greatest choke in Super Bowl history. That's why, even though people will try and restart it again and again, this debate ended about 7 years ago. 


But tell us, Geto, what do you really think?  Don't mask it, let it out.

#3415958 Deflategate

Posted by g_p on January 23 2015, 10:38 AM


Sure, babe...sure.  Tell me about your dream job again...oh yeah, you want to be a money counter.  That's wonderful, babe.  Woooondeeeeerful. 






Aww, she's stringing sentences together in succession. That's adorable!  :boxing:


Hey, if I wanted your lip, I'd unzip my pants. Bitches.

#3415578 Revisiting Adam Vinatieri's HOF chances

Posted by stigmata on January 12 2015, 10:47 PM

Side note, did you guys all know that Bettis is from Detroit?

#3409428 So that we don't continue to highjack the Conference Champ thread

Posted by Leroy on January 17 2014, 03:49 PM


I'd say that the only argument against the Hawks/49ers being on the list is the brevity of the rivalry as you mentioned.


Otherwise, we've got all of the characteristics if both teams can manage to hold it together for a while.


The coaches have a history and certainly don't like each other.


Both teams are built in similar molds.


Both teams keep poaching each others' players.


And I'd say the fanbases certainly aren't fond of each other.


If it's not top 5 (and I agree that it likely isn't), it's top twenty with a bullet.


Both teams reek of douche...

#3409158 Black Monday 2013

Posted by stigmata on January 14 2014, 12:51 PM

The Lions have decided to forgo actually having a coach and have hired noted cardboard cutout, Jim Caldwell.



#3408966 Division Playoff Games

Posted by GetoThunderFist on January 11 2014, 10:54 PM

One Christmas, I was staying at my mom's house in San Francisco. I went out to get the paper on Christmas day and when I came back, there was a homeless guy pooping on the garage door of my mom's building. He saw me and didn't even flinch. He merely waved at me and said "Merry Christmas!" 


That man looked exactly like this:



#3408676 Peyton Manning reclaims the single-season TD record

Posted by syfer_RAIDAZ on January 06 2014, 01:19 AM

I have a belly button.

#3408510 Peyton Manning reclaims the single-season TD record

Posted by FourthStooge on January 02 2014, 06:13 PM

 Now, if your expectation of what this message board is different than what you envisioned at the kiddie room atmosphere over at the place you came from, I don't know what to tell you because the old time regulars on here like Stig, Leroy, Geto, Fourthstooge, Ben, SS, g_p, and many others (including Vandy) actually attempt to back their shit up with substance.


I always try to back my shit up with substance.  At my age, making sure you get enough fiber is very important.

#3408089 Study reveals NFL's most 'unstable' fan base -- any guesses?

Posted by badasp on December 17 2013, 08:15 PM

  After a nine hour commute home in the mutha twerking snow spent wiping freezing teardrops from my eyes while simultaneously licking my self-inflicted wrist slits after last weekends crushing loss to the penis phalating 'Phins I have to read this feces? Screw you Emory College, your should have been burnt down by Sherman campus, Popsesque pretentious, most likely racist, and most assuredly anti-Methodist principled 26.5% freshman acceptance rate and 3.78 incoming frosh GPA (mine was lower when I graduated you mint julep sipping bastards and I’m damned bleeping proud) asses. Ditto your egotistical rants disguised as "statistical analysis"and pardonne-moi for saying down right suck ass athletics.


  Holy bird droppings; the Bruins, Celtics, and Patriots are all in first place in their respective divisions and the Red Sox just won the World Series. FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!


PS -Yo SoCal…you want to know why they rank Eagles fans as “normal”? Their suck ass athletic teams are called the Eagles. Mo' than 'nuff said.

#3408020 Another reason to watch the game at home.

Posted by FourthStooge on December 15 2013, 11:10 AM

As for the prospect of an immediate fix to this issue I think the outlook is bleak...and dont let the fact that it turned a bit Popsian rant at the end detract from the valid point he did make in a previous discussion of this topic. The overwhelmingly primary revenue stream is TV so they will not do anything to cleanup the stadium experience until it really hits rock bottom...through either the slow drain of lost ticket sales...or an accelerated model where the lawsuits from the killings, Meadowlands titty grabs, and other fun and games reach a tipping point.


You bumpkins just do not understand the business of football.  We were talking about this very thing down at the club last week.  Yes, it is all about TV revenue.  Bu that does NOT mean the owners are INGORING the stadium environment.  If you knew anything about marketing, you would UNDERSTAND that these antics are designed to increase the interest and TV ratings.


While it is beneath my friends (people like the Director of Marketing for the Feista Bowl, who I play golf with every week), the prospect of seeing a stabbing, shooting, or brawl at the end of a game appeals to people like all of you.  Think of it like adding WWE or Ultimate Fighting to the NFL, and you will all GET THIS.


The problem is not the NFL, but all of you barbaric cretins.  I can not help you with this.

#3406247 GBU Update

Posted by SoCal on October 11 2013, 02:45 PM

Cheers to the GBU, may it rest in peace until there comes a place in time, when everybody has a little bit more to spare.

It will be missed but I feel it was better to have read, then not to have read at all.


We all are now missing something, a void if you will, knowing that we lost our precious GBU...and really the only thing that

will fill that at this time....


...you know what you have to do g_p.

#3406028 NFL Week 4: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Posted by FourthStooge on October 03 2013, 11:38 AM

One more note on this: The thanks to Leroy should be a standing ovation.  Leroy is not a normal contributor, but he saw I was down the crapper yesterday and it wasn't getting done.  He PMed me offering to help and, last night when I checked in, low and behold the gaping holes had been filled in.  It was tough, because this was not the most eventful week in NFL history.  A lot of status quo.


So, this week's Ciron Black award goes to Mr. Leroy.  Without him, this thing flat out would not have happened.

#3404242 OK, this is pretty good

Posted by Vandilay Industries on June 23 2013, 02:45 PM

I made a joke the other day wondering who was on Brain Detail after the Hernandez thing (kudos to Stig for his response of "apparently not Hernandez."

Someone must have been thinking something similar when they made this...


#3403237 WTF Flacco?

Posted by FourthStooge on February 09 2013, 08:39 AM

If Flacco was serious about somebody running on the field to tackle an opposing player with the ball, I can think of several teams that should hire him as their defensive coordinator.

#3402655 Wes Welker's wife is no fan of Ray Lewis

Posted by skins_fan_since_cradle on January 22 2013, 08:35 AM

brady's wife and welker's wife need to STFU and get in the kitchen and make them their damn sammiches

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