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Board Rules

1. Racist/sexist posts will not be tolerated at H2H. The penalties for these kinds of posts are the following: 1st offense: First and only warning 2nd offense: 1 week ban 3rd offense: permanent ban 2. We realize that debates/discussions/arguments can get heated from time to time, but we want folks to try to remain civil. Therefore, personal attacks and insults are not allowed at H2H. Here's an explanation: You can tell someone they're being ridiculous or a homer. You can tell people to "quit the damn whining" or to "grow up". It's when you start bringing inflammatory, hateful insults into it that we'll put our foot down (e.g., "You're a filthy piece of crap and the best part of you ran down your mother's leg"). The penalties for personal attacks are the following: 1st offense: First and only warning 2nd offense: 24-hour ban 3rd offense: 1-week ban 4th offense: permanent ban 3. Spam. There's no excuse for it. Ever. We all know what it is, so let's skip the definitions. The penalties for spamming the board are the following: 1st offense: 2 day ban 2nd offense: One week ban 3rd offense: Permanent ban Spam also can be interpreted as making pointless threads. This will be determined at either the mod or admin's discretion. Although, this is, to a lesser extent, is a less severe spamming situation, actions can and will be taken if you flood the board with useless topics. The penalties for this kind of spam are the following: 1st offense: A warning, either through a PM or in the actual topic created by the spammer. 2nd offense: 24 hour ban 3rd offense: One week ban 4th offense: One month ban 5th offense: Permanent ban 4. Please don't ask the moderators or the administrator for a moderator position. The administrator will appoint moderators when he feels more are necessary, and he will approach members he feels will make good moderators. The best way to eventually become a moderator is to follow the above rules, create good posts, post often, and help the boards grow. 5. We have a good staff of moderators here to enforce these rules. Because we try to keep this board as open and free as possible, we don't want to have too many rules - however, that leaves a bit of gray area sometimes, depending on a particular poster's behavior. We trust that our moderators can be rational and objective enough to know when certain behavior crosses the line (but doesn't necessarily violate the above rules). The moderators can (and will) handle this behavior at their discretion. We're all adults here, and as long as we all act like it, there shouldn't be any problems. 6. No profanity in topic titles. Our NFL-related threads (located in the NFL General, NFL Gameday, NCAA Football, Fantasy Football, and divisional forums) are automatically posted to Twitter. We are getting a lot of guest viewing directed our way because of that. Let's put forth a good first impression to potential new members by keeping the topic titles clean in those aforementioned forums. Mods will be cleaning up anything that slips by, but if there are repeat violations, it could result in suspensions. However, this rule does NOT apply to the Off-Topic forum. Although OT will remain uncensored for the most part, we still ask you keep it fairly reasonable and mature. NOTE: If you feel that a moderator has treated you unfairly, you are encouraged to contact the board administrator to lodge a complaint. Please save evidence of the alleged mistreatment (either by saving the thread or by taking a screenshot or something) to back up your claim. When contacting the board administrator, make sure to include the name of the moderator, the thread/forum title, the date of the incident, and the names of any other posters who can provide any additional information. Also, keep in mind, mods and admin's here at H2H have the right to close or trash/delete your topics at their discretion if they're violating a rule. They also have the right to delete certain posts in a topic if they're spam, a flame of a user, or derail the topic totally. If you have a question/comment regarding this, feel free to contact an admin. Thanks for joining our board, and we hope you enjoy the community here at H2H.

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