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Steelers @ Donks - SNF

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#1 Vandilay Industries

Vandilay Industries

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Posted September 08 2012, 08:45 AM

Lots of things not to like about this one.

Clark (sickle cell) is out and Harrison probably is as well. They're very thin at LB depth due to injuries. I'm concerned about that combined with Peyton running a no-huddle in the thin air that the Steelers won't be used to.

On the positive side, I'm hopeful that Haley's new offense that has a lot more screens, short passes, and emphasis on the running game will slow down the Donks' pass rush and that it'll be a lot more effective overall than that dipshit Arians' rhythmless BS. Also, while they'll have to wait until mid-season to get Decastro back, Willie Colon is a big upgrade at LG over the dipshit Kemo (who, to my knowledge still hasn't signed anywhere). Add the new electric component of the playmaking dynamo Rainey and you've got some upside there though there will be no kickoff return opportunities due to Prater banging them out of the end zone.

So gun to my head I'd pick Denver in this one in a close battle. Please do take note of that because despite saying in the playoff game thread probably three times that I was very worried about the game, a few people seemed to have selective memory or reading disabilities on what I actually said.

I don't have tix yet but I'll be at the game tomorrow. My tailgating dish will be smoking turkey legs. Yummmmmm.
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#2 Birdman

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Posted September 08 2012, 03:44 PM

No Tebow so Pittsburgh should win easily.


#3 Ben6821


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Posted September 08 2012, 05:04 PM

win lose or draw...even just playing this game and getting it out of the way may be a victory for the Steelers as it means that, chance repeat playoff matchups or same place finish matchups aside, they are done with Mile Invesco High until 2018.

#4 Sideshow91

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Posted September 08 2012, 09:44 PM

I see this as a potentially high scoring game. I think what I saw from the Steelers OF without Wallace was impressive this pre-season. Roethlisberger is entering his prime, and even with the loss of Decastro this is an upgraded O-line. I think the Steelers offense is good for between 21 and 31pts.

Problem is I think the BIGGEST loss is not having James Harrison. The Broncos OF should have their way if they are smart enough to exploit Chris Carter who can't set the edge in the running game. I see McGahee and Moreno gashing them off the edge which will force the Steelers to bring a safety down in the box leaving Peyton Manning to be Peyton Manning. The Steelers DF will have to get some turnovers to win.

Denver 35
Steelers 27

#5 tonynation


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Posted September 09 2012, 07:49 PM

Doinks looking like they don't want it very bad as of so far.
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#6 BG

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Posted September 09 2012, 10:59 PM

Great game. Peyton's baaaack.

#7 Sideshow91

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Posted September 10 2012, 09:23 AM

About how I thought this game would go. I didn't think the Steelers DF could stop what the Broncos were going to throw at them offensively without Harrison and Clarke. And when you consider how LONG the Steelers Offense kept the Broncos DF on the field and their DF off it could have been much worse than the 24 pts the DF allowed. I'm also going to have to call out Troy Polamalu. I'm just left scratching my head at some of the gambles and angles this guy takes. The position is called "SAFETY" for a reason, quit trying to turn every play into a splash play.

Offensively I really liked what I saw from Haley and play calling. The Steeler's offense just has to execute better. Roethlisberger needs to convert that first scoring drive to six points instead of under throwing Miller in the end zone and settling for 3 pts. And he can't have that terrible pick six. And the O-line needs to run block better, which maybe an even BIGGER challenge since it looks like they lost two more starters on the O-line last night.

I'm not going to over-react to a game I thought would be a loss when the schedule came out. I saw a lot of good things from this team to still believe that they can be an 10 to 11 win team.

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